Calling for ideas – NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018

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Source: Moon Village Association

Call for NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018

NewSpace2060 is about dreaming, talking, developing and ultimately creating the NewSpace economy in 2060. The vision of how to achieve this is being formed in collaboration with the Moon Village Association.

The NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition is a joint initiative with the Moon Village Association. It aims to encourage more people with interest to space activities, professionals and general public alike, to utilize the power of the internet to share their thoughts on developing/growing the NewSpace economy and creation of the Moon Village.

On June 18, 2018 the NewSpace2060 International Pitch Competition 2018 was launched in the frame of the UNISPACE50+ event in Vienna, and now it takes a new twist with additional features and sponsors.


Call for applications to the NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018
The NewSpace 2060 International Competition is accepting original ideas related to the creation of the Moon Village and contributing to the formation of the NewSpace ecosystem.

We are looking for the best pitch in the following categories:

  • A. Moon Village architectural concepts and issues
  • B. Moon Village Standards
  • C. Human factors
  • D. Moon Markets- Missions and Economics
  • E. Mission and Markets Requirement Data
  • F. Moon Village Critical Services


The competition is open to anyone across the world with interest to space activities, forward-looking approach and creative imagination.


Application and schedule

Submit a 3-minute pitch online and apply here: NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch competition Entry Form

  • Applications deadline – October 12, 2018 (last chance to submit – in the course of the IAC-2018 in Bremen, follow our additional announcements)
    • Applications assessed October 13–26, 2018
  • Winners announced at the 2nd Moon Village Association  Annual Workshop in Los Angeles (November 04-05, 2018).



3-minute pitch by any video form will be accepted.


Evaluation criteria

  1. Originality
  2. Quality of presentation
    In 3 minutes, you are expected to present yourself, as well as your idea in a clear and convincing manner. As a guideline, you may wish to address the following questions:
    Who is your target audience?
    What your idea/product/service is about?
    Where is it to be used/adopted?
    When is it deliverable (time scales)?
    How can it be deployed/exercised?
  3. Possible impact and contribution to the Moon Market development

For ideas and inspiration:



  • Winners will be given the first ever MVA innovation award for each category
  • A special prize for best proposal in the field of Moon Village architecture and construction is to be given by RST ARCHES (please see below); other sponsors may join – please follow additional announcements
  • Opportunity to pitch to real investors is being worked on
  • Pitch mentoring
  • Winners announced at 2nd Moon Village Association  Annual Workshop in Los
    Angeles (November 04-05, 2018), during (Gala) dinner on the 4th of November.

If you want to join as a Judge, Partner, Sponsor, Pitch coach/Mentor or volunteer, simply express your interest here.


RST ARCHES – The disruptive network on architectures in extreme environments

Between architecture, technology, culture and environment, this scientific network named “ARCHES” aims to generate knowledge and innovations. We would like to study the conditions of construction a base in extreme environments such as space and the planets of the solar system, the oceans, the high mountains, the deserts or the ice caps of our planet…

We also try to answer the current and future challenges of buildings or cities. The network “ARCHES” is supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

As a part of the “Newspace 2060 International Moon Pitch Competition” organised with the Moon Village Association, the RST ARCHES will award a prize of €1,500 for proposals about the construction of a “Moon Village”. The criteria selected are: architectural and technical qualities, scientific or educational qualities, reproducibility and application qualities on Earth.

The prize “ARCHES” is awarded without condition of age, sex, religion, origin, to a nominatively named author or to a team.




Source: Moon Village Association

Let’s work together to build the NewSpace economy and Moon Village together
Contact Helen, NewSpace2060 International Competition, Founder & Convenor

Celebrating 50 years of space with UNISPACE50


In association with:

Moon Village Association v1  Moon Village Association



SGACSpace Generation Advisory Council

ISUInternational Space University

IAF logoInternational Aeronautical Federation




Drapers Uni logo v1Drapers University


spaceoneers image v1  SPACEONEERS

Digijeunes logo v1DIGIJEUNES


future city summitFuture City Summit

Asteroid Mining Corporationv1   Asteroid Mining Corporation

Hub387 v1 HUB387

Robotex  Robotex

spacebit    SpaceBit



Moonshot   The Moonshot Foundation


For all Moonkind

  For All Moonkind


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Judges from:

Moon Village Association

i – Space


Note: Details may be updated from time to time, so follow us to keep updated.

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