Why NewSpace2060?


Source: Air & Space Magazine


You might be thinking why NewSpace2060?

After attending a few NewSpace events and conferences and engaging with new and seasoned SpaceEntrepreneurs and space stakeholders I realised that to make NewSpace happen it is more than just working with what we have.

As NewSpace startups embark on their journeys of creating their business ideas into a reality, speaking to customers and developing connections, I found out in my own journey it is more than brains or money.

It’s about human connection, seeing and believe that each individual has a unique gift, is a potential stakeholder and customer.

Just as Microsoft had a vision of dreaming that each household would one day have a Microsoft computer at home, the idea of NewSpace is no different.  Is it not about engaging everyone, particularly non-traditional space players to get involved.

As the vision for smallsats grow, as access to space becomes a reality, and no longer a pipedream, who will be your future customer?  It can’t be the elite few, it has to be everyone.

In the same way, when we speak of human space flight.  Chartered aircraft for a few people can work, but if you want to run a business as busy as Heathrow airport then, you need customers and lots of it.

That is why the vision is for 2060.  We have 30 years to make it happen.  It may take longer, it may take less, but engaging in the conversation startups now, with our 10 year old, with our neighbour and fellow entrepreneurs.

This dream is not limited to those with a science background.  But it helps – to engage with people of STEM background also people from all backgrounds because everyone interested in NewSpace is a stakeholder.  UNESCO for instance, is engaging more people, especially women in STEM subjects.

Just as a car is a component of parts, the machine is redundant, if there is no driver, or be it autonomous system to operate it in the future.  Just as we need quality controllers, every investor, buyer, surveyor, designer is equally important in making it happen.

Elon Musk, sent Tesla to Space earlier this year.  The symbolism is significant.  If  you can dream and visualise it, you can make it happen.

This is the call for NewSpace2060.  Anyone who has a vision for space, can make it happen.

We are starting with launching the NewSpace2060 International Pitch competition 2018 because every successful business starts with an idea.

In association with the Moon Village Association we are launching the competition at UNISPACE50+ at UNOOSA in Vienna on June 15 2018.

Calling all Entrepreneurs to submit their Youtube entries here

Calling all interested Judges, Partners, Sponsors, Investors, Mentors/Pitch coaches and volunteers.  Contact us here

Dreaming of NewSpace2060 is about possibliities.

We all have to start somewhere, why not here

Let’s make NewSpace2060 and the Moon Village together

Updates run through https://www.f6s.com/newspace2060internationalcompetition/groups

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newspace2060 international competition 2018

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