Exploring EU – Japan NewSpace Collaboration

EU-jp-tthelpdesk.eusource: EU-jp-tthelpdesk.eu


As interest in NewSpace startups grow and initiatives are undertaken to boost engagements between EU – Japan NewSpace startups, I am spending 6 months to explore key factors that would enable EU – Japan NewSpace collaboration.

Alongside understanding what are the society challenges in Japan, I am exploring the following key questions:

  1. What are the recent space and GNSS based navigation developments and trends in Japan?
  2. What are the important actors in Japan driving space and GNSS based navigation?
  3. What are the assessment/requirements for potential collaboration, foreign industrial and R&D cooperation?
  4. What examples of useful/successful case studies to consider in industrial and R&D cooperation with Japan in the space and GNSS based navigation sector?
  5. What recommendations do you have for industrial and R&D Cooperation between EU- Japan Newspace startups?


Moreover, I would be exploring the NewSpace startup scene.

I am interested to hear from stakeholders like policy makers, manufacturers, developers, academics, researchers SMEs and particularly entrepreneurs working and engaging in the NewSpace sector and those interested in EU – Japan collaboration.

If you are interested in:

  • Contributing to my research;
  • Taking part in future workshop/webinars and
  • Space Analogue – Kumano Kodo peace pilgrimage (tbc 2019)


Please get in touch with me: newspace2060@gmail.com

Thank you.



Emergent Tech Advisor on Space Applications & GNSS/MINERVA Fellow

EU – Japan Centre




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