Winning entries for NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch competition


Launched at UNISPACE50+, the NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch competition received over the course of 4 months, 30+ entries from over 10+ countries sponsored by RSTArches, SpaceBit and SpaceChain.


As organiser, NewSpace2060 would like to thank the Moon Village Association, Judges hailing from Asteroid Mining, BridgeSat, Boeing, i-space, ISU, UNOOSA, PTScientists, ForAllMoonkind, Bluefield, CSCF, Technische Universitat Wien, Thrive Global, BIB (Innovative Human Centered Design Lab), RSTArches, SpaceBit and SpaceChain.


Further, NewSpace2060 would like to thank supporters including the International Aeronautical Federation (IAF), International Space University (ISU), Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Drapers University, SPACEONEERS, DIGIJEUNES, Future City Summit, Asteroid Mining Corporation, HUB387, Robotex, The Moonshot Foundation, ForAllMoonkind.


The quality and diversity of the entries were excellent and it was challenging for the Judges to make their decisions. We congratulate all participants and particularly the winners as follows:


Karl-Johan Sørensen et  Sebastian Aristotelis for the Moon Village architecture & construction RST ARCHES prize (750 EURO).


Kyunghwan KIM for the Moon Village architecture & construction RST ARCHES prize (750 EURO).


Special Mentions for Moon Village Architectural Concepts and issues:

–     John C. Mankins pour le projet “HOTEL LUMINOS”

  • Luciana Tenorio
  • Madhu Thangavelu et David Schrunk
  • Julio Orta et Mauricio Mastropiero
  • Monika Lipinska
  • Sanna Sarkama
  • Aiden Cowley


– Bachelor Online Media at Faculty Digital Media at Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany for NewSpace2060 Prize, Pitch mentoring

  • Sergiu Petre Iliev for Best Blockchain technology, SpaceBit prize (Full HD Lenovo laptop SSD)
  • NewSpace2060 Prize (Opportunity to pitch to real investors)
  • SpaceChain Prize, Benefit to use SpaceChain OS and Open Source satellite constellation


  • Sabrina Kerber and Theresa Brock for Best Critical services, SpaceBit prize (Full HD Lenovo Laptop SSD)


  • Elissavet Koumi, SpaceChain prize (Assistance in fundraising)
  • Peter Schubert’s team, SpaceChain prize (Assistance in fundraising)


Thank you once again to all participants, winners, judges, sponsors and particularly the Moon Village Association.


Helen Tung

Founder & Convenor, NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition

Nov 2018


Details of videos and winning entries please see the Moon Village Association website:







By NewSpace2060

Mission: 'Empowering you to make better decisions' Helen engages individuals, startups and organisations to make better decisions. She is a lawyer by training and the Founder of NewSpace2060, with a focus of empowering individuals and startups in emergent technologies through discovering their core values and mission through metaphysics with a view of growing exponentially and positively impacting humanity. Inquiries: Website:

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