Japan Aerospace 2018

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From November 28 to 30 2018 Japan International Aersopace Exhibition 2018 was held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Seminars ranged from policy guidelines to internatioanl cooperation, standardisation of future aviation to competitiveness in the sector to market and panel discussions.

Of great interest was the panel discussion on NewSpace business ecosystem held with speakers including:

Misuzu Onuki, CEO of Space Access Corporation

Yosuke Asai, Director, Space Industry Office

Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI

Yuya Nakamura, CEO of Axelspace Corporation

Rena Okajima, CEO of Ale Co, Ltd

Akihide Manabe, CEO of Space Walker Inc

Mihoko Shintani, Counsel of TMI Associates

Ko Ogasawara, Vice President & Generation Manager of Space Systems Division, Integrated Defence & Space Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd

Tatsuya Yoshida, Industry Research Department, Mizuho Bank, Ltd


As expected many aerospace companies, Space Agencies attended and prefecture hubs including:

  • AC Ishikawa (Aircraft Industry Cluster in Ishikawa Prefecture)
  • Aichi – Nagoya Pavilion
  • Chubu Aerospace Industries
  • Fuuoka Aircraft Industry Network
  • Gifu Prefecture/Kamigahara city
  • Hiroshima Aircraft Industry Promotion Association
  • Hokkaido Aerospace Science and Technology Incubation Center
  • Kobe Machinery & Metal Industry Association
  • Oita Prefectural Organisation for Industry Creation
  • Okinawa Prefecture Government Aviation Industry Cluster
  • Saitama Industrial Promotion Public Corporation
  • Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Kyoto Aerospace Industrial Network
  • Mie Prefectural Government
  • Nagano Techno Foundation
  • Niigata Sky Project
  • The New Industry Research Organisation ( Hyogo Aerospace Consortium)
  • Tochigi Prefectural Government
  • Tohoku Aerospace Industrial Forum/Hokkaido Aero Business Network
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Aviation Network
  • Yamaguchi Aerospace Cluster

According to Kallman Worldwide, Japan is the largest aerospace industrial market in Asia, with a current aerospace production value in excess of 2 trillion YEN ranging from aircraft, satellites and launch vehicles, the Japanese aerospace industry has built its own capabilities in indigenous development.

Over the three days, thousands of people attended with highlights including evening receptions and evening seminars including that of the Czech Aerospace Seminar.


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