The logic of combining art and space

Clar_01_Spaceflight-Dolphin_wb2source: UCR ARTSblocksite network


Art – has a way to inspire us to think, doing and creating things beyond our own imagination.  I started doing art as a child, probably like most people without thinking much of how it would be relevant or could be applied in my adult life.

For those that have the courage, vision, and discipline they take art as seriously as they do business, sport or any other venture.  Today, I met a friend and we talked about what it takes or motivates one to live and work as an artist – and I guess it could be applied in music, drawing, dancing or painting.

Wake up early and take lots of naps.

The idea of waking up at 2am to draw or write poetry does not seem like something that first comes to my mind.  Yet I am being told that is when we have the best energy in the morning and working through the morning before setting an alarm to nap from 15 min intervals.

It feels more like a sport.  So I have a confession to make, I use to wake up in the morning and write poetry for 1 hour a day like at 4am.  The urge and urgency is difficult to explain.  Like a ritual, or perhaps like playing an instrument, one knows oneself in terms of peak performance, clarity and focus.

In my mind, I have four books to uncover and so hope before the end of the year to make it available for those interested in what I was thinking of in the poetry I was writing.

Now, I feel very lucky and fortunate to be organising the EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019.

It is a combination of thinking of the process of development – in business, in relationships and of course art.


How is this logical?

I have come to the point in my life that like a good entrepreneur I see opportunities where people see none.  It is not because I am smarter or wiser, but simply have a gut for it.

Like a sense of seeing the connection of and between things and focusing on the space between rather than the physical matters.

When I organised the NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch competition, I had no idea how it would turn out.  The purpose of outreach and engagement with the public at large to think of going to space and going to the Moon.

Have I achieved it?

I do not know.  All I know is that I managed to get 30+ entries, engage in over 20 Judges and a half a dozen of prizes.  The competition was discussed and announced at places like UNOOSA, UNISPACE50+, Space Generation Advisory Council and International Aeronautical Congress.

What touched me the post was the feedback of teachers, students and participants that they never imaged themselves that they had the initiative or ideas to design and do what they did.

This for me is the rewarding aspect of organising something like this.

I am as much as a student like everyone in the process of learning what it means to organise something like a Poetry Manga competition.  All I know is I like the idea of bringing people together of all walks of life – space, poetry, art, manga, scientists – to share thoughts and ideas on space and inspire each other in the process.

Some of these ideas may lead to business ideas, some of these ideas may lead to new business leads, however, that is secondary.

For me, the connection between the individual and the concept of space- and the Universe is more important.  Once we have found this connection that in my humble view, everything flows.

Why are we building rockets to space?

What are we truly trying to achieve?

Is it for the ego?

Is it because it is a multi-billion dollar business?

Is it because of humanity?

Is it because it looks good?

There is no definitive answer.  Though poetry like space has that pull which brings people together.  Like the glue that bonds elements.

My wish to run this Poetry Manga competition is that we move an inch closer to our vision of going to space.

My vision for NewSpace2060 is that we would be interplanetary species by then.  We would be living in space and going to the Moon.

I am excited by the thought and inspired by fellow entrepreneurs, startups and visionaries that are working tirelessly to pursue their dreams.

For me the power is when our visions align and we are heading in the same direction.

May 2019 bring us closer to that vision.

Helen Tung

Creative Founder, EU- Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019

Emergent Tech advisor/MINERVA fellow, EU-Japan Centre

#EUJapanCentre #NewSpace2060

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