Japan’s NewSpace Research Centre

Have you ever thought we could bring space to earth?

What if you could work in a space ship?

Better yet, design it?  Be part of it?

In an article Marvel at The Plans for Japan’s Futuristic New Research Centre by Evan Gough of Universe Today it seems to contain all of the above.

The building will be part of the Avatar xspace research campus in Kyushu and is designed by Clouds Architecture Office, a New Year form whom also developed NASA’s Mars Ice House.


avatarx v1

source: AvatarX


Design in the shape of a crater, and elevated by steel cables, the sense of transparency is apparent and also having the building suspended above the crater would probably take some mental adjustment to get use to.

Perhaps inspired by the film ‘Avatar’, the venture Avatar X comprises of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)  and  ANA (All Nippon Airways).    On AvatarX website, the emphasis is on the next generation of space generation.


Space is an extreme environment that has long been inaccessible to most. But real-world Avatars will revolutionize the exploration and discovery of space by enabling anyone to instantaneously transport their skills and presence into this new frontier. Avatars are a key infrastructure that will extend humanity’s reach into the unknown and enable human life in space. This bold endeavor to unlock space begins here.


avatarx v2

source: AvatarX/Chuya Koyama/Kodansha


The AvatarX Program will cover earth, low earth orbit and deep space.  AvatarX aims to bridge the gap between science fiction and non-fiction which is exactly what I am aspiring to do.

With the likes of artists like, Chuya Koyama and their work like ‘Space Brothers’ the vision of making space accessible to the people and reaching out to the hearts and minds of the next generation – I believe we would be able to access space as a global community much faster.

AvatarX Lab has also been formed in Oita, as a dedicated test field for telelcommunication infrastructure and for Avatars.

avatar 3

Working group sessions commenced in October 2018 and business concepts chosen by the Consortium would begin in April 2019.

Applications to join the AVATAR X Consortium are currently being accepted.

Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/ MINERVA Fellow

EU – japan Centre

#NewSpace2060 @EU-Japan Centre




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