What is NewSpace?

newspace age v1

source: newspaceage.org


According to Space Frontier, the definition of NewSpace is:

`People, businesses and organizations working to open the space frontier to human settlement through economic development.`

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source: amphinicy


According to SpaceTech Partners, NewSpace is:

`.. the emergence of the private spaceflight industry. New space ventures are increasingly created, such as private launch companies, small satellite constellations, or sub-orbital tourism, as well as more specific efforts to reinvent the traditional space industry supply chain.`


For the purposes of simplifying and not complicating the definition, I would say : NewSpace is non-traditional space players making and/or engaging in activities that make space flight, space applications or space activities faster and cheaper.


novi-orbis.space v1

source: novi-orbis.space


What is your definition of NewSpace?



Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow

EU-Japan Centre

#newspace2060 @EUJapanCentre








By NewSpace2060

Mission: 'Empowering you to make better decisions' Helen engages individuals, startups and organisations to make better decisions. She is a lawyer by training and the Founder of NewSpace2060, with a focus of empowering individuals and startups in emergent technologies through discovering their core values and mission through metaphysics with a view of growing exponentially and positively impacting humanity. Inquiries: newspace2060@gmail.com Website: newspace2060.com

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