What makes SpaceBD successful?

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source: space-bd.com


CEO and Co-Founder, Masatoshi Nagasaki leads SpaceBD and his team and they aim to accelerate the industrialisation of space through three offerings:

  • One stop satellite launch service
  • Import/Export of space hardware and components and
  • ISS Internal/External Experimental platform service and here’s why SpaceBD is successful

spacebd v2

source: space-bd.com


1. Umbrella approach

SpaceBD runs a ‘Space for Space’ as a one-stop portal site that provides solutions and information on space projects including satellite launch and space utilisation.  These include:

space for space v3

source: space-bd.com

2. Business Guide and added value

SpaceBD‘s offering covers the ground for a NewSpace startup quite sufficiently.  If one was to look at their ‘other’ service it covers:

  • New Business Development
  • Project Management Support
  • Global Expansion Support
  • Others

news.livedoor.com spacebd v1

source: news.livedoor.com

3.  Sense of partnership

Whilst not state explicity, when one reads their mission:

‘We provide the perfect opportunity to utilise space that’s catered to our customer’s needs, such as project concept, schedule and cost’, it makes one thing that this is an advisor from cradle to grave, which most possibly gives comfort to most startups.

Their services sums it up:

‘To become a one-stop shop to respond to all issues related to industriali(s)tion of businesses that are developing new technologies.’

spacebd v4

source: nikkei.com

4.  Mission

Lowering the barrier to access space is probably one of the top priories needed in NewSpace and SpaceBD is doing exactly that.  SpaceBD is focusing on lower earth orbit and is open to all kinds of services and partnership opportunities.

space bd v5.png

source: space-bd.com


What makes a great leader/entrepreneur?

What makes a successful NewSpace startup?

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Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/ MINERVA fellow- Space Applications & GNSS, EU – Japan Centre

Creative Convenor, EU-Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019


#SpaceBD  #NewSpace2060 @EUJapanCentre

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