What makes Spacetide Successful?

spacetide v1

source: spacetide

Spacetide is an industry-wide platform for accelerating NewSpace.  Here Spacetide refers specifically to the space industry and sectors including small satellites, data, satellite internet systems, space travel, space mining and their vision is to harmonise technologies and business models.

Led by a team including:

President & CEO Mayasasu Ishida

Director, Hidetaka Aoki

Director & COO, Masashi Sato

Director, Atsushi Mizushima and a team of probono members.

What makes Spacetide successful?  Here’s a few points:

1.  Engagement

As one of the few, if not first platforms where people in Japan can actively engage in NewSpace discussions.  Their format includes:


Lounge Talk and

conducting startup pitches


source: thebridge.jp

2. Promotion

Spacetide attempts to fill the gap of NewSpace awareness and discussion in business.  As my research has led me to the question of ‘Where is entrepreneurship in Japan’, I sense that Spacetide is a platform for such discussion on ‘Where is Newspace in Japan’ and having this platform to promote business services and to share ideas, it is an invaluable platform to engage and grow the Newspace sector.

itmedia.co.jp spacetide v1

source: itmedia.co.jp


3.  Influence

For most of the conversations I have had so far, Spacetide’s name comes up time and time again and this is good proof that they are having an impact in the NewSpace field in Japan.  As the conferences are primarily held in Japanese, it is unlikely that those outside of Japan would know much of Spacetide, nevertheless, it does not dimmer their influence, on the contrary, they are well known for their work in NewSpace in Japan.

source: spacetide


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Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/ MINERVA fellow- Space Applications & GNSS, EU – Japan Centre

Creative Convenor, EU-Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019

#Spacetide  #NewSpace2060 @EUJapanCentre

By NewSpace2060

Mission: 'Empowering you to make better decisions' Helen engages individuals, startups and organisations to make better decisions. She is a lawyer by training and the Founder of NewSpace2060, with a focus of empowering individuals and startups in emergent technologies through discovering their core values and mission through metaphysics with a view of growing exponentially and positively impacting humanity. Inquiries: newspace2060@gmail.com Website: newspace2060.com

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