Japan Block chain Conference 2019 Yokohama

Little did I know that coming to this event the queue would have started way before starting time at 9am.

Thankfully it was a short wait and I was in. Brock Pierce speaks of Conscious Capitalism and talks of refining success in the digital age.

I was in for an interesting session and it starts with the law. As a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, Matthew Rogers spoke passionately about how so many blockchain startups and exchanges fail. How coins get lost and then litigation cases start.

He spoke of his own experiences in the American legal system, bankruptcy and what creditors could do to benefit from re-launches of exchanges. His belief that recovery efforts ought to be better made and how better communications need to be made between, with and also engaging Bitcoin startups, organisations and also with the industry as a whole.

He talks of failure in the industry and optimal outcomes. He speaks of the impacts of stories in the industry and the power of how Bitcoin can have a happy ending and encourages investors, Bitcoin startups to change the story of our endings.

Why are we here? He asks and actually encourages the audience to reflect on why they wake up and do this or do what they do.

‘Walk and show up’ he says and moves on to the idea of the ability of change.

He mentions the word, ‘Kaizen’ and talks of continual improvements. He seems to have a view that for the most part that we rush too much in the world, having too many vulnerabilities and emphasised the importance of doing great things and doing things that change the world.

He stated how kaizen in our lives can make things better.

Another word he shared was ikigai, and questioned what we are passion about, what the world needs, what causes great impact; in other words our calling.

He’s emphasising the need for entrepreneurs to love what we do and do it well.

When we wake up and realise this is our dream work, that is where we want to be.

He emphasises the beauty of finding our unique gifts and sharing knowledge we already know.

He also talks of re-defining what a billionaire is and it so not in monetary terms.

A billionaire in his terms is someone that positively impacts a billion people. He talks of how in the world 2/3 still suffers from lack of clean water; how we need to redefine Maslow’s Hierarchy; that access to Internet ought to be an integral part of our lives.

That we all have the potential to be billionaires under his definition. Showing up with intellectual capital, financial capital, spiritual capital, with open minds, hearts and open source systems.

He believed blockchain can make the world a better place and believes their work is creating the future of tomorrow.


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Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/ MINERVA fellow- Space Applications & GNSS, EU – Japan Centre

Creative Convenor, EU-Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019


#JBC2019  #NewSpace2060 @EUJapanCentre



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