What makes Astrex successful?

astrex v1

source: SpaceBD


Founder and CEO Ryota Hirai of Astrex aims to power NewSpace through their nano satellite electric power systems.   Think of batteries that charge nano-sats then think of Astrex.  Located in MOBIO, a support base for SME startups in Osaka, they have a serious, yet inviting approach when speaking of their company.

What makes Astrex successful?

1. Strong technical basis

CEO Hirai himself is originally from Tokyo though moved to Osaka for University and stayed on to work on Astrex.  From the samples he showed me, one could sense that they are at an R&D stage and at the same time are concentrating on the technical aspects of the business and are also open for business discussions.


m-osaka.com v1

source: m-osaka.com

2.  Approachable and openness

In having the discussion on NewSpace I sensed that CEO Hirai is truly motivated in the vision of NewSpace.  Yet in Osaka there are few entrepreneurs like him concentrating on Newspace as such.  His frank and openness made me think of how does one draw motivation and inspiration from other entrepreneurs and vice versa.  I think being located at MOBIO offers that openness and accessibility that other entrepreneurs may not necessarily have.  MOBIO is basically like an open floor plan, full of other startups, primarily of the technical nature for buyers or guests to visit.

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source: spaceref.biz

3.  Meeting market demand

Astrex is offering a much needed service in the development of the smallsat market.  By offering batteries that could prolong or be utilise on specific missions, it would also enable the growth of the smallsat market.   When I conducted research on smallsat startups and the market earlier last year, there was indeed very few smallsat manufacturers whom used propulsion and possibly batteries.  However, the growth of smallsats has changed the dynamics and the conversations and how new additional aspects or featuers are needed.  Clearly batteries are not an accessory, but rather a necessity and hence there is no doubt Astrex is making an offering and service that the market needs.


spacenews battery v1

source: spacenews.com


What do you think makes a successful entrepreneur/startup?

What is the most important trait for a successful entrepreneur?

How can we create a successful NewSpace ecosystem?

How about sharing your thoughts on the newspace2060 blog here.


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