Education and Blockchain

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This is an interesting panel of speakers on education and blockchain and they include:

Aaron McDonald, Centrality

Dan Khomenko

Heslin Kim

Andrew Romans 7BC.VC

Jared Polites, Patron

Takeshi Ito

Some speakers talked about education, outreach and about users and what it really means for them beyond the hype.  One of the greatest challenge being described is apathy and how consumers do not understand and how it improves their life and the future. v1



Heslim talked about security tokens and how it could easily be a paradigm shift and how he talks about companies that enter this field needs the infrastructure from startups to Secure Token Offerings are less successful.  The reason?  There are many factors that perhaps startups have not really considered including regulations.  He mentions the differences in security tokens and how regulars are still pending/creating sandboxes creates a level of uncertainty.  He is interested in what the regulators are looking for and how to create trust in the upcoming systems.  That there is a dfference in the crypto market.

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Romans talked about law and emphasised how there is no intention to violate such laws and that there is respect for such laws.

Khomenko has 6 offices in Asia and they are involved in the SEO market.  They are exploring clear, regulatory environments in which they could operate.  He feels that sometimes there is lack of communication or difficulties in agreeing on which institutions to cooperate with.  He believes there needs to be institutions that connect Government and businesses from IPO to Security Token Offerings (STO) ..99% companies get rejected because there is too much bureaucracy from industries.  He mentions how people who enter blockchain or in cryptocurrency without doing home work, or critical analytical skills are going lose out because they don’t have the knowledge to make a decision or invest.

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There are great companies out there, yet it equally takes the consumer or buyers beware to know what to invest or buy in.  He explains the simple idea that it’s important for the audience to learn, otherwise this area because a speculative space and people get disappointed.

McDonald talks about how social media is rarely reliable.

Ito talks of the need for education and the structure is important otherwise it is easy to make loses.  He went to New Year at University and finance and accounting was his major.  Being brought up in Japan, he observed that financial literacy is not as high as broad and UBI is a blockchain and cryptocurrency and helping to build the infrastructure.  Examples include: What is blockchain?  What can it do?

Ito emphasised the need to understand before truly investing.


Kim is saying there are the sophistocated and unsophistocated.  He emphasises there is a lot of information out there and so emphasised the importance for all potential actors.

In relation to blockchain, does it have a purpose?  He’s asking whether there is a use case?  How well do you know the technology?

Khomenko speaks of having a positive mindset.

There seemed to be a general consensus that for blockchain to really flourish there needs to be an increase in financial literacy across the world and so focus for the community could develop a new class of investors and what creates value and how it could be measured.

In terms of observations of the panel, they seem to emphasise personal responsibility in the learning and engaging others.


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Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow

EU-Japan Centre

#NewSpace2060  @EUJapanCentre #JBC2019

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