Roger Ver, CEO speaks at Japan Blockchain 2019 v1

source: Roger Ver


Roger Ver, called in.  It did not diminish his message or presence.  He spoke with intensity, and started talking about how he get into blockchain.  But more important he talked about societal issues.  He spoke about Bitcoin Cash’s impact on economic freedom.  There are a number of points he makes clearly:

  • it makes it easier to start a business
  • it enforces property rights
  • it promotes free trade
  • it enables freedom of contract
  • it enables people to opt out of systems

When one hears Ver speak, he sounds more like a visionary seeing how a mode of technology can improve society than anything else.

If we can create more economic freedom to the world, then the world could be a better place.


He believes Bitcoin cash and digital currencies are the best tools in the world has ever seen to accomplish.  His message: Help make the world a better place and to check this out: v1



Looking at Ver’s website gives you a sense of clean simplicity.  There are a lot of expectations that are spelt out at Japan Blockchain Conference 2019 and for past blockchain events that I have attended.

Let’s see.


Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow

EU-Japan Centre

#NewSpace2060  @EUJapanCentre @rogerkver #JBC2019

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