Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar in Tokyo


source: Inside Kyoto


This is the 6th Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar organised by JETRO in Tokyo for the year.  The Mayor of Kyoto Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, amongst many speakers came to promote Kyoto.  They started with mr. Kadokawa and he started with the history, Gion, discussion on natural disaster and SDGs.  More specifically they spoke of the Gion Festival.




Kyoto prides itself as ranking number one as the most attractive city in Japan, according to the Institute of Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation.  This survey which considered 72 cities in japan on ‘Urban Attractiveness in Japan’ considered ‘hard’ tourism such as cultural properties and ‘soft’ tourism such as events and famous cuisine restaurants, including culture and exchange.


source: Mori Memorial Foundation


They talk of the spirit of Japan and also Sustainable Development Goals which includes:


City of Creating Spiritual Culture

Creating culture


Universities and students

Advanced Education

Advanced Social Welfare and Medical Care


Human Rights, Multicultural Coexistence

Nature and landscape


Food Culture

International City




According to Mayor Kadokawa, about half of Japan’s noble prize winners came from Kyoto or had connections with Kyoto.




The Kyoto Economy Centre which recently opened has the following functions:

  1.  Promote exchange and collaboration
  2. Boost strategic measures for promoting industries and information
  3. Supporting fostering small and medium sized companies
  4. Promote industry, academic and government
  5. Realise smart city/smart communities
  6. Develop overseas distribution route and promote overseas investments
  7. Promote textile industries
  8. Support fostering human resources for industry


Why do business in Kyoto?

There are a few priority areas for attracting new businesses which includes:







  • Rakunan Shinto district


  • Yokooji district
  • Exclusive industrial area in Koga


Furthermore, Kyoto is investigating how to manage industrial clusters and create industrial sites in Kyoto.


In relation to businesses attractiveness, prominent companies include:


source: tmsuk co. ltd









Kyoto has been ranked the Best City, No. 1 in two consecutive years for the Readers’ Choice Wanderlust Travel Awards 2018.


source: Wanderlust Travel Awards


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Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow

EU- Japan Centre

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