Kyoto Research Park

Kyoto Research Park (KRP) has about 17 buildings and is a hub for research and education. Proud of 38 Universities and the representative of the KRP talks of the benefits of the centre. Currently, there are over 500 companies and diversity of industries. Examples include:


Mitsyfuji Corporation

Megakaryon Corporation

GlyTech, Inc.


Nabtesco Corporation

Kodenshi Corporation

Earthside Co. Ltd

The representative of KRP speaks of how many of these startups and businesses will bring great talents because of the number of Universities in Kyoto and also because of the desire of people wishing to come to work in Kyoto.

He gave case studies of cross collaboration say between a pharmaceutical company and manufacturing company. KRP is focused on small and medium sized companies and aims to draw links to resolve corporate issues.

With Kyoto University, they have opened a design school aims to address problems in society and the business world. IASP and Asian Science Park Association are examples of groups of which KSP is part of and all aims to work together in collaboration, mutual access in relation to facilities in different countries for free, seminars and exchanges.

Kyoto Makers Garage is attracting young talents such as those interested in 3D printing, artists in residence and manufacturing and science. He believes that the arts and science are the two parts of the same coin and has high hopes for creativity and development.

KRP also has a lab for all kinds of research. Specifically the KIST BIC which offers many facilities to undertake experiments.

The speaker also gave an example of an Australian subsidiary conducting research on cancer, and another company from China.

Upcoming developments include the Open Innovation Square and anticipate 10 new companies plan to join KRP. There are also active construction activities commencing in due course due to the belief that the location is attracting new players.

The Kyoto Economic Centre was built in 2019 and was a long term project.

He ends with: You cannot make innovation, Innovation happens

He references this to a Cambridge professor, speaking of innovation as a combination of the individuals and the environment in which they work and gather their thoughts. All in all it does make Kyoto very enticing.


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