What makes Real Tech Fund successful


Source: Real Tech Fund


The Power of Technology, to the Force of the Future‘ very much encapsulates what Real Tech Fund aspires to achieve and believes in.  What makes Real Tech Fund successful?  Here’s my take:

1. Beautiful Vision

‘I want to change the world.  I want to change the future.

Everyone who gets in technology is swearing in mind, so willing trying while sleeping.

However, most of it disappears in the midst of dreams.

Technology has unlimited possibilities.  However, the world does not move by itself.  

Without funds and wisdom, experience, understanding of the world,

No matter how wonderful it is, it will not be useful for the future.

We will support the rich earth 100 years later.

Identify such technologies and make everything necessary to a research and development venture

Pour liberally and grow up to the power to change the world.

To everyone who believes in technology.

Realtech Fund believes in the possibility of technology more than anyone is nearby.’

This has to be one of the most beautiful prose/statement for an investment fund mission statement.  The above captures quite succinctly the mindset of entrepreneurs I think, or at least for myself and entrepreneurs I know of.  Many entrepreneurs whom I know, realise the power of the mind and the ability to channel that determination to achieve.  And the above reference to acknowledging that most would dream yet most would not realise it, I think places on how intangible and aspiration in chasing such goals such as being an entrepreneur and realising one’s ambition.



source: realtech.fund

2.  Founding History

Realtech Fund was founded by Euglena which is an incredible company that engages in research, development, production and sale of microalgae products.  They operate in many segments including healthcare and environment segments and is very much a household product via their in-house products, food products and cosmetics.  The company was founded by CEO and Founder Mitsuru Izumo  and his founder story is what really is inspiring.  He was a student in 1998, visited Bangladesh and according to Techinasia and was shocked by the experience of seeing despite large supplies of rice, people could not access vegetables, egg, milk, fish and meat and realised there was a problem of malnutrition.  By deciding to tackle a massive world problem like malnutrition it took him on a journey of discovery and in finding and realising Euglena.

Realtech Fund is a partnership of Euglena, Leave a Nest, SMBC and many others.


source: Realtech.fund

3.  Ambition

Realtech Fund aims to cover all kinds of technology and they include:

Robotics, electronics, bio, agribusiness, environment, energy, new material, aerospace, medical equipment, AI, IoT.

The vision is grand and in many ways I think they have successfully understood the interconnectedness of the above themes, how rather than say treating space separately, whilst in its’ own category can also be cross – related with other sectors.  Some of the NewSpace startups they have invested in include ispace, QPS Laboratories and SpaceLink.


source: hyge.co.jp


4.  Team

When looking at RealTech Fund, one cannot separate it from Euglena.  On the contrary I think it is an integral part of Euglena‘s growth and development.  When we look at the RealTech Fund team and their profiles, I think t

here is a genuine attempt to personalise their achievements and role as a 17 strong team member.   Furthermore, their backgrounds and profiles allow for a diversity of scope and whilst their ambition is seemingly great, I think having seen their office and how they work they are professional in their interactions, yet equally friendly and approachable.


source: euglena.jp



I had a friend whom once told me about euglena the cell.  She told me how powerful and self-sustaining this cell is.  Curious by the word, I started researching this cell on the internet.  With features like animals and plants these cells are self generating almost like a miracle cell.  So when the chance came for me to meet Euglena the company and I saw how it was derived and inspired by the cell, I knew right away that if Euglena was anything like euglena the cell, it would be successful and certainly would be a company worth investing in.


What do you think makes a successful entrepreneur/startup?

What is the most important trait for a successful entrepeneur?

How can we create a successful Newspace ecosystem?

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Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow

EU- Japan Centre

#RealTechFund #NewSpace2060  @EUJapanCentre

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