Why invest in Kyoto?

Chief Director Kenichi Ishihara of JETRO starts his talk on why invest in Kyoto?

He refers to how half of the investments come from Europe and how most them come to Kyoto.

Director Ishihara has made a survey to better understand what draws foreign companies to Japan. Some say they are interested because of innovation. That means foreign companies are positive about Japanese companies and Universities and these are the partners they want to work with.

Kyoto is a great city in that sense. What are the obstacles of doing business in Japan? Red tape? Language? Secure talents?

The Japanese Government wants to bring in New talents and what kind of challenges do these companies face?

One of the greatest challenge is lack of human resources and language. Director Ishihara explains the work of JETRO and expresses his wish to assist companies from the outset, by referring to their websites and ideas of how to cooperate with Japan.

Director Ishihara mentions many benefits of doing business in Kyoto and how JETRO assist many kinds of companies.

So why invest in Kyoto?

1. It’s a great city, it has numerous cutting edge technology, there are many R&D on life sciences with the Universities and great for development.

2. Rich high human resources

10% of the Kyoto residents are students and there are about 10,000 international students, 5000 science majors, industry-academia collaboration.

3. Quality of life

Kyoto is eco friendly, Kyoto has 17 world heritage and 3 certified international schools.

Perhaps the biggest attraction about Kyoto is her beauty. Entrepreneurs have many reasons to choose where they want to go and having been to Kyoto a few times, it does feel like to epitome of Japanese culture and beauty.


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