X-Roid Futures

Imagine robots as patients, machines that take care of your daily activities? Cleaning the floor, carpet, moving items for you and helping you out?

Well, TMSUK seems to be up to doing that. The Founder moved from Kyushu to Kyoto and found Kyoto very accepting. He speaks of their Kyoto Robot lab and speaks of not changing anything to the beautiful Kyoto buildings or furniture.

Interestingly, due to their active robots outside the office, many tourists come in to take photos. Some of their patient robots are used for dentistry training. He starts, one customer came to ask for a robot to clean ceilings. He has many requests to develop robots for all kinds of tasks.

He speaks of a robot where it helps people move and transport from place to place. It could be used for elderly people, for nursing care and people with limited mobility. He believes that robots could be utilised in Japan though believes that going abroad is important.

His robot Rodem can go for 1 hour and by using GPS and AI deep learning allows one to identify the nearest Rodem robot for transportation. The robot allows for purchasing of items via Docomo and also for going places with the press of a button. The concept is very similar to bicycle sharing.

In fact these robots are not limited to those with limited mobility, it could also be used as a form of transportation. He is keen to have experiments in various parts of Kyoto and he mentions it take 10,000 yen to travel from certain places like A to B, using these Rodem robots they can hire them easily.

Due to the multiple languages on the robot, one can speak many languages with the robot and have a conversation with them. It really is an experiment with the robot.

It may take about two years before it would be fully rolled out. The experiment was done two years ago and so actually believes Kyoto is more advanced. He mentioned that Rodem can travel at 15 km per hour and mentioned in Fukuoka, a special zone ought to be created so it could be used. The special zone created would allow for more experiences. He mentioned it took a while in Fukuoka, however it was much faster in Kyoto.

His vision is that robots may be going in town. How exactly, where and what are questions that need to be considered.

His wish is for a special zone to be developed in Kyoto and can use AI and change the speed as well, i.e. change to 4km and contribute to the environment in terms of emissions. So what is the difference between manufacturing in Fukuoka and Kyoto?

Fukuoka has many tech companies and Kyoto is more traditional though innovation is thriving in Kyoto.

He finds the pull of Kyoto is that he finds many foreigns come for no particular reason but for the interest is seeing Kyoto. There is something that brings people to Kyoto and believes there is great potential even for technologists.


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