Reflecting 2018 and 2019 WSW theme is “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”.  


source: WSW


2018 has been an incredible year for the World Space Week.

The latest release of the World Space Week Annual Report  shows us it has been a year of increased activities, achievements and partnerships.

The 2019 World Space Week theme is, “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”.


source: WSW


What is World Space Week?

  • Held annually from 4-10 October
  • First held in 2000 after UNISPACE III UN General Assembly Resolution;
  • 5,422 reported events in 86 countries in 2018;
  • Since 2012, annual growth of approximately 30% in number of events;
  • Organised by World Space Week Association, coordinators in 106 countries and over 4,000 organisations, schools and individuals globally.


source: WSW


What makes World Space Week successful?

1. People focused

World Space Week is about gathering people together to celebrate space together.  If we were to just look at the thousands of events created over the last year 2018 to celebrate space, we would realise the powerful impact this week has come to symbolise for humanity.

World Space Week runs on primarily volunteers and businesses and those interested in space in offering their time and resources in engaging like-minded and interested people in space. v1


2. Partnerships

Over 2018, World Space Week renewed its partnership with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) as well as partnerships with the Moon Village Association, Space4Humanity, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and International Observer the Moon Light.


source: space4humanity



3. Initiatives

World Space Week is driven by you, the individual, the organisation and anyone inspired by space.


How to become involved?

• As a donor. WSW are always looking for organizations and individuals willing to support our cause.

• As a partner. WSW are looking for organizations, which share our vision and goals.

 • As a global volunteer. WSW are always looking for individuals with specific skills, willing to devote some of their valuable time to World Space Week.

• As a national coordinator.  WSW are present in about half of the world’s countries, but not in all of them yet. WSW also seek local coordinators to promote World Space Week in your region or city.

 • As an event organizer. WSW seek event organizers. To get involved and if you need further information or help, get in touch with your Local or National Coordinator.

How to organize an event? There are no limits to what can be done to celebrate space or use space to inspire education during WSW. Audiences can be the public, students, employees, or other targeted communities. Participating organizations get leverage by being part of the largest space event in the world. On the World Space Week website there are many examples of what can be done and has been done in the past. More ideas are available here:

The main criteria for a World Space Week event:

1. It must be space related;

2. It must begin or end during World Space Week October 4- 10;

3. One audience counts as one event. For example, a school doing activities on five days counts as one event. v1


Call for Action, the 2019 theme is “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”.  




Written by Helen Tung

Emergent Tech Advisor/MINERVA Fellow

EU-Japan Centre

#NewSpace2060  @EUJapanCentre #WSW19 #IAC19






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