Avant garde and space

Researching on this subject in all senses makes me think that it is unlikely to give it the due weight and credit that it deserves.

There is an acute awareness that I am venturing into unknown and even dangerous waters in this blog- avant garde fashion. For those following my writings on NewSpace it all started with the obvious. Space, space technologies and space applications.

But perhaps unbeknownst to others this research on EU-Japan NewSpace has forced me to confront the fact that the size of the market is too small, too young and certainly too uncertain to truly hold the fort of ensuring a NewSpace ecosystem.

Alas, I venture out into the world of arts, theatre, movies and yes fashion to find my answers and there are plenty. When we look at fashion, specifically avant garde you see the influences, shapes, shades and sizes that have most likely influenced the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and graced the catwalk of a thousand fashion shows.

To no surprise, fashion has influenced our perception of space- its’ attractiveness, viability, sensibility and wearability. The latter is probably too much to ask for save for if you are part of the Harajuku scene.

Nevertheless, sports wear, military naval suits all symbolise the notion of ‘Captain’ – by the collar, curve, stiffness and colour.

To what extent and how is a more difficult question to ask. A space suit, like a uniform has functional and thematic purposes. Function in the basic sense of keeping the person inside it alive, warm and feeling secure. Thematic in the sense of looking and even feeling good.

It made me realise of the NewSpace startups focusing on space suits, the ones I am aware and possibly need a makeover lack the umpf of a fashionista.

They may treat the design like an engineer, with it’s rigor testing, stressing the materials to no end and even radiation defiant- however, there is little style to be spoken of, potential buyers do not look twice and the word sales does not occur more than once in a 10 page proposal.

My point? Clothing is an essential part of our lives, not least even Maslow attributes it to ultimately reaching our optimal potential. Yet, it is an art as much as a science and avant garde fashion could be a potential way of reaching the masses in terms of NewSpace. Let me explain.

Do you like the idea of 3D printed shorts? Wearables like your Apple watch? How about booster shoes to get you moving faster? Are we going back to the Jetsons?

Absolutely. Why, it was so obvious, yet it took me months to get here. One proposition is space applications is likely to succeed if everyone sees a need and uses it. Yes, I am talking about the mass consumer market and not exclusive to B2B market only.

With space inspired clothing that is adorned on models, celebrities and even your best friend it makes space visible and credible.

Furthermore, when we connect it with the latest gadgets and optimise it’s functional form, that would quite simply also be used in space and earth, the human population would enter this sphere seemlessly, or be it acceptance of it.

Try before buy- that is what I am alurring to.

I am currently inspired by fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and there is good reason. He sends the signal of anti-fashion, and would openly admit so. His clothing are functional and whilst you may wish to look closer there is colour and distinct authenticity in his style.

Whilst the first spacefarers are not going to start with a fashion show, they may well consider one. Was it Louis Vuitton and the drones flying across the catwork exhibiting their bags or was it Gucci?

My point is, if fashion can outrage us, wow us by their music, lights and aspirations then why not partner with them to also exhibit space applications for the public.

Trying to convince someone that a receiver to your aspired satellite with a signal is not sexy.

However, getting Gackt to the Moon show casting his latest music and wearing his favourite T-Shirt and trousters is. The marketer in me is coming out and it is in search of a NewSpace ecosystem.

What are your thoughts on fashion, space and space applications?

What makes a successful NewSpace startup?

Amazon Fashion week is happening in March and I will be going to get inspiration for space.


#newspace2060 @EUJapanCentre

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