Call for abstracts for the International Aeronautical Congress


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From the seasoned space business person to NewSpace entrepreneur – the International Aeronautical Congress held this year in Washington DC from 21-25 October 2019 marks a milestone in human space exploration.

The theme for this year`s conference is:


A foundation for a program that will bring together people from all over the world who have been involved in some of the most pivotal space endeavors, as well as the international technical experts and scientists who are making the biggest breakthroughs of our day—including those who are on the brink of the next big leap for humankind.

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The call for abstract submissions for the International Aeronautical Congress is till 28 February 2019 and people from all walks of life are encouraged to send in an abstract.  There are many committees that cover all aspects of space exploration, entrepreneurship and space business.  Please find more information here.

Of particular interest is the Enterprise Risk Management committee of the International Astronautical Federation in which this year`s call is:

Session E6.4 Strategic Risk Management for successful space & defence programmes


Considering today’s global economic and industrial challenges, organizations have various risk appetites and risk profiles concerning the management of strategic risks and associated opportunities. In space and defence activities, the risk management process and procedures are designed to identify and mitigate potential threats and exploit opportunities to support decision makers. The ERM Technical Committee will offer a forum for all space and defence actors and stakeholders ranging from new to established entities. The session will reflect upon recent trends, validated good practices and lessons learned from organizations. Potential topics include changes to strategic risk frameworks due to impact of emergent and disruptive technologies, … . Other topics suggestions are welcome.





Enterprise Risk Management is “a process, effected by an entity’s board of directors, management and other personnel, applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise, designed to identify potential events that may affect the entity, and manage risk to be within its risk appetite, to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives”.

Taking into account today’s economic and industrial challenges, it is quite clear that, to conduct space activities, efficient management of resources through a sound understanding of inherent risks represent a major instrument to ensure success in activities.


The Committee will:

• Promote ERM implementation, by facilitating discussions on best practices and lessons learned
• Provide a cooperative forum for discussions among public and private organisations.
• Work supportively to assist in solving ERM peers issues,
• Exchange ideas, methods, and experiences to enhance the ERM practice of ERM within the aerospace community
• Propose and promote the adoption or adaptation, if required, of standards in Enterprise Risk Management (e.g. ISO, ECSS).

There are also many other committees in which to choose from so send your abstracts in.


ERM Framework Wheel

source: Risk Management Association


What do you think it takes to be a successful NewSpace entrepreneur?

What are the risks for the Newspace entrepreneur?

What are your thoughts on EU- Japan Newspace collaboration?

What ideas do you have for downstream applications?


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