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Japan Space Forum




Japan Space Forum (JSF) was established to coordinate an alliance of industry, government, and academia for the development of Japan’s aerospace industry. JSF operates under policies established by the Japanese government and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) while providing support for research proposals and implementing programs designed to educate and enlighten the public about the aerospace industry as well as provide for the exchange and development of human resources.

JSF’s mission is to function as both a think-tank and a clearinghouse for information on the aerospace industry. JSF is dedicated to providing as many people as possible with the opportunity to learn more about outer space and to participate in the development of Japan’s aerospace industry.

Established in February 1994, the objective of JSF was to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy in general and the enhancement of Japan’s aerospace and other science and technology in particular through the promotion of businesses utilizing science and technology.



source: JSF


The activities of JSF include:

  • Research surveys regarding aerospace and other science and technology
  • Sponsorship and cooperation in the promotion of international conferences and symposiums on aerospace and other science and technology
  • Promotion of programs designed to educate and enlighten the public about the aerospace and other science and technology as well as to contribute to the development and exchange of human resources in these fields
  • Other activities necessary to the achievement of JSF’s objectives

Business activities include:

  • Jointly organizing the Satellite Design Contest

  • Planning and management of “Public relations network of Astronomy, Space and Aviation”
  • Planning and running of events of National Space Day
  • Support for spin-offs of aerospace technologies
  • Design and produce of space-related products

Other business activities include:

  • Support and coordination for space experiments
  • Support for operation of “The International Space Station/Kibo Utilization Promotion Committee”
  • Support for experiments of high-quality crystal growth for protein structure analysis
  • Management of Spaceguard Center observatories for space debris
  • Research of international aerospace information
  • Support for the International Disasters Charter agency in Japan
  • Support for organizing an advisory council on space policy
  • Support and management of international conferences
  •  Planning and support of public relations of rocket launching
  • Maintenance and operation of websites
  • Production of public relations activity tool for research and development of space aeronautics and science & technology
  • Support for educational experiments in micro gravity by aircraft
  • Loan of space-related exhibits

Supporting members







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