Exploring space with Blue Origin

source: CNBC.com


As of end of January 2019, Blue Origin has successfully launched its New Shepard rocket for a tenth time, and with each step, we get closer and closer to sending humans to space.

How will humans explore space?  The rocket takes the capture up to space and inside, there are 6 large windows in which customers will have the view of a life time.  They would experience several minutes of weightlessness, before they drift back to Earth via a parachute.  Spontaneously the rocket that launched would escend back to Earth and touch down on a landing pad, reading for the next lot of passengers.



source: newsweek.com


“They’ll have a day or two of training,” Bezos added. “I’m pushing for a day. I don’t think you need two days of training for this.”

Whilst humans are yet to be flown on the flight, scientific payloads were previously taken on board.

Founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, young and seasoned entrepreneurs are waiting to see how human space flight business model will fare.  Whilst tickets are not on sale, one can anticipate the excitement when it does.  Ariane Cornell, head of astronaut strategy and sales at Blue Origin, highlighted they were not selling tickets yet at a recent panel discussion at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech Forum in San Diego Jan. 8 2019.


source: csmonitor.com

Envisaging long term plans, it seems CEO Bezos has more than just human space flight in mind, rather taking cargo into orbit and of course humans.




What do you think of human space flight/ space tourism?

What makes a successful NewSpace entrepreneur?

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