Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo #Amazon FWT

source: Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo


The eagerly awaited #AmazonFWT is hosted by the Japan Fashion Week (JFW Organisation) and held twice a year in March and in October.

It show cases the latest creations to the world at Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills as well as other locations throughout Tokyo.

With queues packed all the way up to some entrances of the station, it is hard to miss the florescent colours, camera and models heading up to 9th floor of Shibuya Hikarie.


source: [L-R, Top/Bottom]:, [3,4], 


Some of the camera and press crew come in groups, others came individually, each visible with their own entrance and role to play. Young models pose by the signs to get group photos as eagerly awaiting fans, bloggers and spectators line up to queue.

There is a buzz of excitement from the music to the variety of hair styles, colour, right down to the trousers and shoes. You can hear French, Korean, Thai, Indonesian …the languages reflect that this show is international and as security usher the models through the entrance for their catwalk – the cameras are all at work.




And when the show is over, everyone rolls out waiting for a slot to hear the design- their vision, inspiration and thoughts on their style, designs and goals.

This season’s line up is young and diverse with the following brands and designers:


(X) S.M.L [IDN] by Jun Mardian/ Wendy Setiadi



ANEI (TFA) by Yu Haneishi

ANREALAGE by Kunihiko Morinaga

AOI WANAKA by Aoi Wanaka

Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO by Dana Maulana and Liza Masitha Eridani

LAURALEE by Ryota Iwai

Beautiful people by Hidenori Kumakiri

Children of the discordance by Hideaki Shikama

CINOH by Takayuki Chino

DRESSEDUNDRESSED by Takeshi Kitazawa

EMarie by Ema Rie

FUKUSHIMA PRIDE by Junko Koshino

Ha-ha by Tomomi Kamoshita, Natsuki Said, Manami Sato, Kanon Maeda and Kanna Negishi

HARE by HARE design team


HYKE by Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode

JENNIFAX by Shueh Jen-Fang

JieDa by Hiroyuki Fujita



KOCHE by Christelle Kocher

Kotohayokozawa, Kotoha Yokozawa

Malamute, Mari Odaka

MAN/WOMAN Tokyo by MAN/WOMEN Tokyo participating brands

Matohu by Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchu

MISTERGENTLEMEN and plenty more…

My first reaction is- this is where innovation is! At a fashion show! My research in NewSpace has new found hope because this is where I can say there is a sense of rebel in the design, the defiant haircut and the bright colours make me think this is the kind for confidence I would like to see in aspiring entrepeneurs. The meetings I have had earlier in the day made me realise that the for some key stakeholders, for them the idea funding is the fundamental success of a startup.  Whilst it does not hurt to be well funded, it fact it would probably be one of the best ways to develop a startup, for it is the ideas.  And it is about nurturing good ideas and nothing replaces the vital seeds of a good idea.

There is a sense of craving for innovation that I can see clearly that is missing in what one considers potentially in a dynamic market place. Perhaps the NewSpace ecosystem could learn a thing or two from these shows.

Brave, bold colours and stripes, the stuff perhaps you may not wear to work, but definitely for the media at large on the catwalk is what we need in NewSpace. Like a catwalk of the latest and best to get interest and give inspiration.

At Singularity University, they say that the very issue that keeps you awake at night is probably a very good problem to tackle. Theory being if you care enough, there are probably similar situations or people out there whom face the same challenge.

Is NewSpace too fast or too slow?

When I see the models walk, in some ways I would like them to slow down, to take each moment in their stride.

The theme for the 2019 A/W season is KODO:

‘Acting, moving to the emotion of ‘now, I like this!’

Feelings of ‘like!’ continues to move,

Overcoming all boundaries, boldly, daringly’

Are NewSpace entrepreneurs/ startups pushing the boundaries?

Are they bold?


There is a lot to celebrate in NewSpace and I think it is worth a show, what do you think?

@amazonfwt #newspace2060 @EUJapanCentre


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