The light at the end of the tunnel- start of a Hero’s Journey

It’s been about two weeks since the end of my MINERVA fellowship and the that time has given me time to reflect and also reconsider what ideas of collaboration, doing NewSpace means.

For a start, going to UNOOSA/China Space Forum, gave me a new perspective on what a space player means in our modern world, and whether it is uplifting the billions without in Global South, technology transfer, progression or building a new path way, combining earthly ambitions such as the ‘One Belt, One Road’ with space. Whether you like it or not, depends really in which camp you stand in, how it benefits your view of the world and what impact it would ultimately have – be it the end user, the world, Universe.


The opportunity to TedXRome was one of those gatherings, where discussions on art works can bring tears to your eyes, not because it is about the art, but the ways we express how much it means to the speaker – the very individual. Each of the 18 or so speakers, brought to life, ideas on all walks of life, from insects, to AI, music, the female period, history, astronomy and so on.

The incredible thing was about half the speakers were speaking in Italian and the other half, English. Even thought earphones we could laugh and sense what is being spoken of. A packed Roma Convention Centre of about 1800 + attendees and lots of positive energy. This made me think that TedX serve not just as a place of ‘sharing ideas’, but also an incubation for ideas, where people come to listen, to speak and to share.

I once spoke with a great entrepreneur and when I spoke of those whom are less than encouraging, they remarked quite directly, ‘it’s about finding the right people.’ The right people are not necessary the ‘yes’ person, who would agree with everything you say, rather they are in sync with your way of thinking, at least like a river that flows in a similar direction.

Too often perhaps, we try to strive against this tide. That’s why we get tired, exhausted and have a sense of beyond our depths. I remember having a ride with a fellow lawyer friend and we spoke of this – living not just in the moment, but in the flow. It ought to be with ease, it ought to feel so – natural. Not trying to fight against our grain, but rather feeling the positive energy which invites us to do more of what we do, to give more than we thought we could give and to share this positively to the world.


For the next few weeks, I will be doing an inverse of what I have been doing for the last 6 months. After exploring the depths of NewSpace in Japan and observing the challenges and opportunities, I am now on the other side of the world, trying to explore whether Europe, has an appetitite to do business with other countries – pretty much the same formula with different ingredients. I am curious to know whether there is such an appetite – for foreign investors, businesses and partnerships.

Organising this ESA BIC tour was by no means, walk in the walk. It felt like a pressure cooker – in a good way. As usual, we have choices, to do nothing or to do something.

I got the go ahead from a few important and crucial people and now it is happening.

As the pioneers embarked on the Meiji Restoration, they possibly had no idea what they would end up with – a hybrid constitution? Modernisation? Or as Marco Polo would never have thought he would end up almost as an envoy of Ghenkis Khan. A Guillvers’ Travels to the same continent, but with a different pair of eyes.

In the same way, that preparing for a TedX speak is not simple task of writing and reading. It has to come from the heart, in its purest form, like singing a song to an audience and moving them.


When I train entrepreneurs, I speak alot about realities. A reality and a perceived reality.

Will these institutions be ready for the test? Is the reality that is projected the real thing?

Follow my journey, I call it a Hero’s Journey, as we venture to see the positivities for a potential NewSpace entrepreneur.


NewSpace2060 ESA BIC Tours from: 8 May to 22 May 2019

Proposed schedule:

Schedule is as follows (tentative):

The proposed schedule in May 2019 is as follows:

8 Morning Bochum- Introductions and briefing
8- 9 Bochum + Copernicus Meet
10-12 Darmstadt ESA BIC 13-15 Harwell ESA BIC& UK NewSpace startups
16-19 Sud France ESA BIC Toulouse
20-22 Luxembourg + Space Forum + tour ends and wrap up

There is still time to join the adventure, contact Helen,

Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: #newspace2060

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