Hero’s Journey – European Space Agency Business Incubation Tour (ESA BIC)

source: livescience.com

What do you value? And what would you pay to make it happen?

The European Space Agency Business Incubation Tour – took an interesting extension and it was what I had wanted to call for – A Hero’s Tour.


Some of you know that a Hero’s Journey, a term I learnt at Singularity University, is when an ordinary individual goes on an extraordinary journey. They go on a journey to discover themselves and along the way they may find a pot of gold, they may find the Master they were seeking for all this time, or they may discover their magic along the way – whatever outcome the individual desired, it somehow changes their whole life. That is the purpose of the ESA BIC Tour. To be more precise, this ESA BIC tour is like swimming into the depths of an ocean, the deepest corners like going to the Mariana Trench where no more than 2 individuals have been – less than going to space!!

And discover, explore and find new possibilities. In the context of NewSpace and startups it is about looking at investment opportunities for the investor and investee, meeting newspace startups, key stakeholders and the crowd.

source: nordiclifewater.com

Tell me something? What did you discover on this journey.

Well, I could say we went to visit Toulouse, and went to Aerospace Valley. We met and visited the ESA BIC in Toulouse and even went on an Airbus Tour. That is amazing, though not extraordinary.

How about going to attend the Space Forum in Luxembourg and meeting the key stakeholders discussing the latest in space, blockchain in space, financing. It’s the same. The same, with more but the same.

How about the new Luxembourg Space Agency?

How about the new Luxembourg space fund?

source: cc.lu

Yes, it is exciting, and this could not be a better time to enter NewSpace though it is not the pot of gold in the Hero’s Journey.

How about attending DES2019? Speaking about living on the Moon? Inspiring fellow tech entrepreneurs? That was closer. Some came to me about the courses they are developing about space, others spoke of the underground space city they were thinking of developing. Closer.

How about Stockholm? What did you find there?

The Hero’s Journey was coming to an end and I discovered more truths than I could have imagined before I set out. It was not about being a hero, and neither was it about slaying the dragon to prove a point or showing how strong one is. Rather it is about introspection.

It is the quiet moment, before you have a serious meeting with an investor/entrepreneur. A moment with one self, to decide what to do.

It is more like being Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, believing that there is a path when you cannot see with your eyes, yet somehow there is.

It’s about using your 6th senses and grasping the 4th- 6th Dimensions you never explored.

The Hero’s journey I discovered is not walking the same path that others have had, but rather creating your own. There is no right or wrong, better or worst.

Rather it is understanding that when there is no path, what a wonderful opportunity it is to carve and create our own.

When we see no boundaries, the limitless of the sky and actual possibilities – creativity gets started and something sparks a fire – a passion so small you can barely notice. Yet this is the bearing of a fruit, a seed of idea.

I finally watched the film Contact, and felt the same way as the protagonist in the film. If only others could see how beautiful this Universe is. If only this could be shared, understood and accepted. The ESA BIC tour is something like that.

source: phys.org

Those that started may knew nothing about space, but after the 3 weeks, I hope like in the Matrix or a Jedi in training got something incredible out of it. It may well be intangible. Like a dragon that discovers that they had wings all along. Yet during the journey, we had been forced to fly high, and low to explore the canvas, the mountains and landscape that was before us.

It’s like training a muscle you never realised you had. Using an ear, eye or sense of smell in ways never imagined. For those that were unable to join, the question is there, what did I miss?

source: starwars.fandom.com

Sometimes, we only see certain things once in our life time. For others who are more fortunate, we are able to experience wonderful things many times. Think of the red blood moon or witnessing the dark blue moons. These are nothing short of miracles for the time and place that we are in.

Law of attraction states that we attract what we are vibrating. This ESA BIC Tour – A Hero’s Journey exceeded my own expectations as I never thought I could see so much, experience so much and understand so much.

Do you think Neal in the Matrix, when he downloads all this information, suddenly says, ‘Wait a moment, I think this is too much?’ No, rather the opposite is true. He realises that he has far more greater capacity than what people and he himself thought he had. So instead, like neuroplasticity, his brain cells expand, his memory likewise and like a sponge absorbs all this new information, skill and understanding.

source: psychologytoday.com

This ESA BIC Tour would not be possible without the support and assistance from a number of key players. With much heartfelt thanks I would like to thank Frank Salzberger, Kaznunao Sato, Colleagues from ESA BIC in Darmstadt, Harwell, Toulouse, stakeholders from Bochum, Luxembourg, Spain and Stockholm.

We don’t know what kind of impact doing something like this has. Though what I am sure, is it is what we make of it. We are entering a terribly exciting period in NewSpace and it is open for everyone who has a dream, goal or ambition to do it.

May you have a safe and prosperous journey, as you embark on YOUR Hero’s Journey.

source: futurism.com

Written by Helen Tung


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