Driving Inspiration in the Middle East

It’s been almost two months since coming to the land of gold, oil and sand. One of the places that does not seize to amaze me is the Emirates Tower, because this is where magic happens.

One may find the Ministry of Possibilities and to actually explore how young people, the youth, the future of the Middle East come together and explore their ideas.

What is impressive is not just the layout of the building, the furniture or even the schedule of events aimed at inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs or thinkers. But rather, it’s the sense of tolerance, acceptance and agility.

One may here arabic, french, phillipino, urdu, hindi, English and the list goes on….

Sitting in what seems more like a comfortable lounge room with soft sofas, bean bags and cafe bar right at the heart of the Youth hub – one can comfortably feel at home.

People travel from as far as Russia, as close as a stop away to come here to mingle, to share ideas, to engage and share each others accomplishments and challenges.

There is a special energy there, and it reminds me of how strong and power it is when we come together with a sense of focus, determination, confidence and positive emotions in doing something great. It does not mean that there are no disagreements, but it’s about caring enough to wanting others to also do well and to discuss and provide feedback constructively.

One article says that about 20% of the top 100 Arab startups are from the UAE. It’s great to know and when one sits down to think, there are good reasons. At least in Dubai, it feels like an international melting pot, a keen entrepreneurial spirit generally from the shop keeper to the CEO and you can see the hustle and bustle from the markets right up to the highend shops.

There is something for everyone here and it’s what one makes of it.

Startup funding up by 31% in MENA region to reach $893m in 2018

There are numerous startup events happening in UAE and it’s not limited to just blockchain, space, law, economics – it’s really a bubbling ecosystem. Needless to say that Expo2020 is going make the UAE even more central in the global map than ever before.

173 days. A lifetime of stories is the tagline for Expo2020. And you can feel the excitement already.

Construction sites are the norm in Dubai, when I first took the taxi here and the driver speaks of seeing only 5 buildings on Sheik Zaid Road and now there are hundreds if not thousands lined up along the magnificent long road, you can smell something really incredible happening. And it’s only been a few decades.

Now the Expo2020 is like the real show case of what Dubai and UAE has to offer to the world. Run once every 5 years and which originated from France as a World’s Fair since 1844 we can image how throughout the times, each Expo brought in a new breathe of fresh air, making people feel joy and happiness in celebrating the achievements of human kind.

There is a sense of mission and satisfaction in thinking of being here for Expo2020. Firstly 2020 marks a symbolic new start. Reflecting how far we have come, even if it were just for the last 10 years.

Appreciating how much emphasis there is in celebrating the growth and development of Dubai and UAE. One only need to take the metro to think how did this city grow so fast? And when the humble beginnings were all desert? There is nothing that stop the imagination here. With a vision of the next tallest building in the world – beating their own best and the world’s largest shopping mall. The UAE is reinventing itself everyday, every moment and it’s wonderful to be able to live, breathe and be part of it.


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