Boarding the super sonic flight

They queued one by one,

An inch taller than expected, like a radiant curve, a snake climbing a tree;

huss….and there sounds a child’s cry, one is taking a baby with them,

the tourists shuffle in as much as the security.

A young girl almost falls asleep due to the wait,

A wait what appears like decades a few years ago is now a reality;

The flight from A to B is no longer 7 hours but 2,

A taster of etching closer to traveling not quite the speed of light, but a change that one could feel, taste and experience.

‘We are pleased to announce the flight to X is ready for boarding, please have your boarding card ready for inspection’,

The difference between now and decades ago, is that our details are embedded in our iris and memory;

We literally login in to extract our flight details and by scanning our iris we have all the information at hand, and likewise,

traveling light has a different meaning.

Miniature is what we go buy. We have expandable suitcases, clothes that shrink and when pulled out comes out large; food is very much freeze dried frozen, we have all adapted as inter-planetary species.

‘The fly to X is now calling remaining customers’ –

Each passenger has wings, to boost their way up to the flight – forget stairs, queuing in the conventional sense; of course we still need to make our way on board the flight.

It is metallic, smooth and registers with us, I mean each seat, with nanotech gels with our body as we enclose our selves, somewhat like moths and feel comfortable for about two hours before we reach our destination.

It is a like a charging pod, forgot charging mobile phones but rather it is for our body – we zinc into the nutrients, the latest nano tech, biomeds available to us – feeding us through the back of our skull.

Think avatar. Think future – humanoids – cross between human and machine.

Long gone are the days of protein shakes and endless hours at the gym.

Now it’s about saving time and customisation.

Each client has a budget, needs and demands – each seat can suit that need.

The two hours is to the next near by planet, which years ago we may have recognised as New York or Hong Kong, now we are simply not sure, but what we are certain is it is a new breed, a New Generation of ideas, technology and advancement.

The hours of watching endless films is over, now it’s 2 hours of high impact, valuable adjustments and nurturing our soul so needs.

It’s about clearing the toxins, and cleansing the unnecessary data that has overloaded our minds for so long. Each flight, allows for detox, saving of data, deleting and re-adjustment. It’s what they use to call agile.

It would have taken monks thousands of years to get to that stage, it would have taken hours of meditation, but now, we have developed and devised a system where collective consciousness is in the air we breathe. Where we are sensitive to such changes and it’s almost as if our AI machines know what is good for us. They know how and what to feed our minds and soul to ensure we are always doing what is good for us, our minds and bodies.

The two hours flight is like a deep sleep, the ones where we use to drink hot milk or eat cheese, or the ones where we start counting sheep to 1000 and then doze off into a very very deep sleep.

The aircraft door opens, and in a blink you are at X. Welcome to a new start, a new day, a new life.

Written by Helen Tung

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