Entries for EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019

The EU- Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition saw over 39 number of entries from about 10 countries by the deadline of 30 September 2019.

The competition which was launched about 6 months ago saw entries from USA, Japan, India, Philippines, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, New Zealand and others.

Organising a competition like this would not be possible without the support of Sponsors, supporters and participants themselves. Thanks goes to the EU- Japan Centre for supporting the competition, the Haiku International Association for their ongoing guidance and feedback, the Sponsors for prizes, Judges for their patience and dedication and also participants for giving poetry a try – be it amateur or seasoned.

Over the course of organising this competition – lessons have been learnt as to how delicate language is, how ambiguity poses problems and opportunities by the same token. When the entries came through, it became apparent some entrants preferred not to have images, whilst others wrote poems free flow style, whilst others stuck to haiku.

Questions that could be posed is how strict do we need to be?

Should there be an assessment?

Is the purpose not to promote haiku and poetry as an art form to reach as many people as possible?

What may or may not surprise others is that the themes that have been touched upon, based on the notion of ‘Space’ has come back with a wide breadth of results – not a single one that could be considered more accurate than the other; save that, this is what poetry is about, it’s about interpretation, the writer, context and communication.

In an imperfect world, there is no perfection. With this in mind, we leave it to the Judges to decide the poems that are written best in the spirit of the competition.

Poems will be assessed from Monday 14 October to Sunday 20 October 2019

Winners announced: 25 October 2019 at IAC2019

Submitted entries:



Millienials they say

put spaces in between

beyond infinity

by Ana Lorraine Gumata, Philippines


First Rocket

kiwi country

first rocket

I watch the vapor trail

windows open

watching the vapor trail

our first

watching the vapor trail

New Zealand’s

windows open

watching the vapor trail

small country’s

new horizon


by Samuel Levy & Haiku poet Rudy Provoost, Luxembourg


In peace Andromedaun

lock space –

Contact with endlessly

by Stanislava Petrova Gancheva, Bulgaria



 Revenge time has come near,

Now, it’s your turn to be in fear.

Chance will be allotted  to you to try any gear,

But no one can stop me to watch your face in tear.

Forgiving time is over,

Even it was my mistake to start my process slower.

Your mistakes have reached the brim of the tower,

It’s guaranteed that you will blame yourself forever.

It’s my open threat,

That it will be difficult for you even to take last breath.

Sure that you always remain meathead,

Guranteed that you might be in hell even after death.

No one can dare to stop me doing such an end,

In which each part of its body will rend.

Even God will help me in form of temporary lend,

By not punishing me for such an offend.

Be prepared for your last day on earth,

Now remember those crimes you did from the beginning of your birth. 

You destroyed many people’s hearth, 

Even after that you were in heartless mirth.

Now see what is going to happen with you,

For you it will be something new.

All the problems will stick with you like glue,

Excitement is of watching your life’s end view.

Sahaj Sabharwal,Jammu city, 
Jammu and Kashmir,


TEACHER – Our Future Maker

Giving us knowledge of something is a teacher,

Having an inbuilt experience feature.

A good teacher teaches us by heart,

And prays God for our part.

A teacher helps us in developing our mind,

In such a way that is very kind.

A teacher teaches us tricks to achieve our goal,

And warns us to remain careful to avoid any hole.

Without the help of a teacher,

we cant work rife,

And many difficulties will appear in our life.

In this vast world, they are teachers and parents only,

on whom we can rely,

They always keep on us their eye.

And we are confident that they never tell a lie,

They gives us blessings so that we can fly high.

That’s why,

Parents are our caretaker,And teachers are our future maker.

Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu city, 
Jammu and Kashmir,


Inspiration Is Everywhere

When you really want to succeed,
Because ambition is a special kinda breed,
You will see that inspiration is everywhere.

And the haters start to criticize you,
Blind to the beauty of a happy view,
Just stick to the things that are true.

They are all choosing the easy way,
And that is the place where they’ll stay,
While you spend time with creative play.

Ignore the negative noise,
And pay attention to poise,
Treating comments like toys.
You might lose fake friends,
‘Cause you dislike dead ends,
Oblivious to the obsession with trends.

You have no patience,
For people who spend their youth,
Not chasing after the naked truth.

You develop your vision,
With the power of precision,
Because you chose success as a decision.

Maybe the days will be long,
And you won’t always feel strong,
But fighting for dreams can’t be wrong.

The sense of purpose shall endure,
For those whose hearts are pure,
Our goals hold the ultimate cure.

Disregard what saddens you,
Whenever you feel tired or blue,
Faith will give the needed clue.

The fools who choose to criticize,
Will never know what it means,
To walk among kings and queens.

Self doubt is part of the price,
When you roll the risky dice,
Wanting a bigger and better slice.

You can’t hope to hold the throne,
Living inside your comfort zone,
Comparing yourself to every clone.

There is nothing noble about the idea,
Of becoming a slave to conformity,
It’s simply another cultural deformity.

Moments of pain will come and go,
Teaching you to strengthen and grow,
Creating a powerful internal flow.

And the reward that you will gain,
By avoiding the temptation of being plain,
Shall help you to forever reign.

Many tears will be forced to shed,
Your heart will often bleed red,
But don’t you dare try to fled.

Obstacles hand us a precious gift,
So our important decisions become swift,
Inspiring a beautiful mental shift.

We gain wisdom from words of kindness,
Avoiding the people who want to be mean,
Their dirty conscience is an ugly scene.

You are truly one of a kind,
Believing in the power of your mind,
Leaving all the cruelty and abuse behind.

It is true that people can be unfair,
Their hearts seem cold and blind,
Love is often not that easy to find.

Trust that you will become what you seek,
No matter if they tell you sensitivity is weak,
Because life proves that inspiration is everywhere.

by Aida Mandic, USA


Wake Up!

Wake up!

We’ve been asleep,

It was okay;

We thought indifference

Could stay.

Wake up!

We’ve been asleep,

It’s been alright.

But now it’s time

For us to fight,

But not with armor and with war –

With love, good reason –

Status quo no more!

Wake up!

We’ve been okay,

We’ve been asleep –

But soon the damage goes so deep.

Wake up!

Right now, still

We have the time

To turn around our own crime.

Wake up!

With love

And with good reason

We must correct our own treason

Wake up!

For Nature

And for Earth, our mother,

We call for you, our sister, brother!

Wake up!

And I will be here with you till the end

My long-lost brother, sister and friend…

by Tanya and Christian Postved


Destined Strangers

We are the elements of Love,

We are love elements.                                                         

We are the particles of stars,

Composing our Universe.

We’re stardust

 And particles, that collapse,

And go through certain transformation…

We’ve fallen and ascended,

Then chosen again

To be the angels on probation.

We’re stardust

And particles, that collapse,

And been through certain dangers,

To meet one day and correlate, at last,

To realize: we’re DESTINED STRANGERS.

Through time and space

We’ve recognized each other

And found again

The long-lost sister, brother… 

The same fire to ignite

In all those, who decide to fight,

For better Future and for Love –

Been all sent here from above…

We all got here with the task

Divine mysteries to unmask.

We all contain universal mysteries

In our individual histories.

by Tanya and Christian Postved



In the sound of a waterdrop falling

I hear the Universe calling …

For my soul and for yours too:

This sign’s approved,

The Source is Original,

The process is true.

In the sound of a waterdrop fall

I acknowledge and welcome the call…

I perceive the vibration

That succumbs all stagnation,

Cures fatigue through the wire –

Takes me/you upwards and higher …

Our DNA is a pure antenna –

Through which the Universe

Talks to us

In a comprehensible manner …

It releases the meaningful messages

That convey ALL

What this life about is…

by Tanya and Christian Postved


Tell Me The Story

Tell me the story of a lost humankind,

Where the world’s moved around

By the rule of the mind,

And not by the rule of the heart –

So, everything’s falling apart…

And tell me the story

Of ultimate glory

Of the saved humankind,

That’s found itself,

Is compassionate, kind,

Awakened, enlightened

And no longer blind…

And show me the sacred bridge between the two –

So I can know and show and share the way there-to…

by Tanya and Christian Postved


A Hymn To Kindness

I will create a Hymn to Kindness –

A Song of LOVE I will create…

It will exist just to remind us

Of our Beauty and our Fate:

       To serve the Universal Purpose

       And to create the World of Peace,

       Of Harmony that like a Lotus,

       Will radiate its LOVE with ease…

by Tanya and Christian Postved


Higgs Boson, by Rika Inami, Japan


Digital Flower by Rika Inami, Japan


2 Moon by Rika Inami, Japan


Higanake by Rika Inami, Japan


Forest Spring by Rika Inami


Katakago by Rika Imani


Katakago 2 by Rika Imani


Mutual love by Rika Imani


Apple Flower by Rika Imani


Hyperion by Rika Imani


Yamaboushi by Rika Imani


White rose of Sharon by Rika Imani


Shumeigiku by Rika Imani


Sea by Rika Imani


Ether Forest by Rika Inami


Mushroom by Rika Inami


Hydrangeas by Rika Inami, Japan


Time Traveller by Rika Inami, Japan


Obsession by Rika Inami, Japan


Candle light by Rika Inami, Japan

Thank you for all the participants for sending their entries through. The poems are currently being considered by Judges and winners will be announced on 25 October 2019 at the International Aeronautical Congress in Washington DC.

Please check for updates then. Meanwhile we wish all participants good luck!


Emma Arthur, Norway

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