Whole Brain

source: CIO.com

Led by Dr. Deep Bali, he introduces Whole Brain to an audience of enthusiasts and those passionate about mental health. He speaks of the four quadrants and how different leadership around the world have been using the different quadrants.

For some it is about developing children’s brain, for others’ it is about surviving and Dr. Bali’s message is that we can all be adaptive, flexible and actually move into the different quadrants to develop and work to make life work for us.

Dr. Bali’s talk is about practical application about how we can be rationalists, we can think with our brains, however we could also utilise our emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing to deal with our environment, circumstances and people around us.

Drawing up the kind of language that leaders are using, Dr. Bali attempts to demystify the leadership quadrants in the whole brain and how when shifted, sends a different message or be it an emotionally different one, particularly those on the receiving end.

When there is so much misinformation in the news, media and online, it’s important that we assess what language people are using, which quadrant are they coming from and how do we manage, digest and understand it.

The whole brain theory was developed a while back and now it’s the time to better educate our selves to learn now to cope and thrive in COVID 19.


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By Helen Tung
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