Role of creativity in crisis

Who am I?

Raghara KK, an artist and Founder of 64/1 invites us to ask who are we.

He speaks of loss, growth and pain. And reflecting on questions of who would you like to be?

Letting go of the past self and what are the key barriers of achieving what you want to be?

List them, even if they sound like you have hit a wall. What if that wall was just a question?

Imagine you want to go on a holiday and go out? And COVID19 happens.

You can ask yourself. Oh my I cannot go, everything is shutdown and then you say I cannot go to GOA.

But if you turn the barrier to the question how else can I go to the beach?

How else can I achieve that?

Speaking philosophically, Raghara describes everything we do is a construction with integrity.

Deconstruct and reconstruct time again and again.

At this point, what kind of questions could you be asking yourself?

What skills do you have?

What can you do with your imagination?

What are the possibilities?

If deconstruction and construction is a painful process, how best can we prepare for this?

What if the key cause of anxiety is pursuant of happiness? Free will?

What if there is no free will? Then would there be no anxiety?

Raghara shares with us on his journey – he spends time imagining his friends, and talk about the deepest vulnerability – not from the angle of self pity. Ask your friend how else can you shine?

This is a beautiful market for the art world.

How can we as a humanity can reinvent themselves?

Global South – how are you reinventing yourself?

Art plays an important role. True power is when you give yourself permission you give yourself the ability to change yourself, your fundamental truth and what you consider truth.

Are we willing to go through loss, healing and the hero’s journey?

Who am I becoming? What comes to you?

One is internal, one is external, who do I want to become. When you go with the intention to the world, either the Universe or you making it happen – it requires deep confidence.

If at this point, there is nothing to lose then take courage and go for it.

If we reframe, I am becoming more and more courageous…..

If we reframe, what if we are not survivors but people who thrive….

What role does art do to keep us sane?


Constructs, not reality, allows us to transcend, like a tool where appropriate to utilise along the path to grow emotionally….

Be it singing on zoom, playing piano, drawing using lots of positive emotions, love and compassion to express, share and connect with family, friends and the world at large.

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By Helen Tung
#COVID-19 #Antibiotics #Stayathome #Keep safe #WHO #Mental #Resilience 

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