Striving for Creativity – making better decisions in COVID19 era

source: Ethos 3

In times like COVID19, we are living in unknown territories – whatever we were familiar with is no longer the same.

Is this the new new? Is this the new life we have embarked on from the onset of 2020?

For some, the Year of the Rat said it all. Strong metal elements exerting water energy sending floods across the world. An analogy that could rightly describe the situation with COVID19.

The market turned quickly, economic forces at play we have seen ships at sea, traffic on hold, people working from home, schools closed, consumer appetite decrease – how can we make sense of all of this?

When we speak of transformation we usually speak of change of the individual.

Now it is not just that, but families, organisations, corporations and simply the world at large.

With so many elements running parallel, how do we make sense with all of this.

For many of the Founders and startups that I have assisted over the last few years, and of the many talks that I have given when travel was feasible, my key mission was ‘How to help people and organisations make better decisions.’

This statement rings truer today than ever before.

I do not look into a crystal ball, neither do I look at the financials.

I work with key decision makers to understand their strengths, weaknesses to focus on their strengths to make them more agile, efficient and through their strength to overcome the challenges that are presented to them.

As we wait for COVID19 to go away, we need to make certain choices.

Some would rather go out buy a bottle of gin and mourn the decrease in sales.

Some would pick up yoga, art and unleash their creativity.

COVID19 actually is a great time to stay away from the stormy weathers and plan for the future.

What future, you might ask?

If you understand your limitations, you increase the possibility to exercise on an unused muscle to strengthen your mind and body. When you allow your self to understand the possibilities, quoting Tony Robbins, you can ‘unleash’ a part of you and/or your organisation you’ve never seen.

My mission is help individuals and organisations is far clearer now because of COVID19 than before,

To help you make BETTER DECISIONS’.

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