The Power of Belief

The most beautiful thing that one can give to themselves is believing and loving themselves. Of course some of us turn to higher powers, some of us turn to family and friends, though for me it’s about ourselves.

How many times have we been impacted by others positively or negatively? Energy that runs off like water. Be a duck I usually say to the enthusiast, what do I mean? It means that when they are splashed with water, by words, or actions they just simply let it slide and run off their feathers – like a duck.

The analogy works because if we were to absorb all that is given to us, it would most likely weigh us down. Marissa Peers, in her loving meditation talks alot about self compassion. This is truly a gift only we can give to ourselves.

In her clientele, and especially in Hollywood most seem to be too distracted by body image, by what other people think, by being…not good enough.

You are enough, and she has an amazing mantra: ‘You are loving, lovable and enough.’ When she talks about writing it on the mirror, self meditate on those words, it seems somewhat strange. Yet having tried it, it works. In fact why not share the love, share the amazing thoughts like these?

Convention has it that we must be proper, stick by the rules that society gives us, sure that is necessary, at the same time we can add our own flavor. We may have an illness, a disability, a weakness that we do not want the world to know, yet at the same time, we are actually in fact all similar. Be it experiences, challenges, doubts and concerns.

The more we know, the more we don’t know. The more we talk to others, we realise how vulnerable we truly are as humans. All the material fascade, is just that. A fascade and in fact the flashier the car, or greater the glittery light distorts what is reality.

For the air we breathe, the sun on our backs and the trees that give us shade, that is what is real.

Being tested and tested is not a sign of weakness but strength. I was walking home the other day thinking of failure and how the recipe for success does actually include failure. When we ride our bicycle and fall, get back up and try again that is not failure but progress. It very much depends on how we see it.

I encourage those with a weaker heart, to extend kindness to themselves, to see themselves for who they truly are: beautiful, loving beings with so much to give to this world. To not let the shadow of others, their insecurities to impair their own judgement and to believe in themselves, a higher power other than self to progress and move on.

The day is young, and the night may or not be long, what is real, is when we keep both feet grounded and knowing truly how wonderful we are.

Blessings to all @newspace2060

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