Making better decision for 2021

The Value of Metaphysics and of Metaphysical Conversation – Marbella  International University Centre

In the year of 2020, which we still have a few months of, nothing could have prepared us for what to come. Economies put on hold, lives stranded between continents, lockdowns from 8pm to 6am, verging on digital addiction as we all try to understand how our ‘real new’ is like.

During the point of transition in my life in April 2020 and now in October 2020 I have pondered how much metaphysics has helped in in the past few years and how now is the time to share with others.

It is no surprise, to those that know me, and have written a review for me on LinkedIn that I am a big fan of metaphysics and also of the leading master Joey Yap.

Understanding Metaphysics: Descartes's Ghost in the Machine

Where do I start?

A few years ago, I was at cross roads in my life, and I needed answers. And it was not the sort that you could ask anyone, the answers were inside and had to find a place to come out.

I tried what I thought could work and that included yoga and meditation and it did – for a while, them more questions arose and I needed a deeper well to search for my answers. Metaphysics in the first instance, seemed to have the depth, complexity, yet equal dose of simplicity that I needed. By that I meant, I was able to find reliable sources on, my sister and I bought Joey’s books and we in essence self taught ourselves metaphysics.

As I tried doing readings for friends and then entrepreneurs, I realised that I had some talent in this. And the only reason I could say say was the feedback I was getting.

Metaphysics is dead. Long live metaphysics! Assorted musings of a  philosopher-scientist | by Massimo Pigliucci | A Philosopher's Stone |  Medium

Example 1:

I was catching up with a startup entrepreneur and he was struggling with his business in Mexico. I read his chart and advised him accordingly. A year later he texted along the lines of ‘Helen, everything you said was true, I know lead a team of 10 and raised over $1.5 million’.

Example 2:

I was having dinner with a Senior Manager of a large Japanese corporation, and when I read their chart, I said that he would become a Director this year. His response was, ‘How did you know? I have not told anyone.’ Of course, I smiled and said, ‘You didn’t have to, I can see it, in your chart.’

Example 3:

I am training entrepreneurs at a well established Accelerator based in South Eastern Europe, and as I spend the first half hour being told how wonderful the organisation is, as I offered to see how I can make the organisation better, I realised that they were missing a leader. I told the manager what I saw and she agreed, saying ‘We were just doing our best to hold the organisation up, our leader is never here.’ I gave them advice accordingly in how to improve their organisation’s structure and way of working.

In life, we think a certain way or do certain things based on what we know, how we are brought up and based on our own perception of things. The beauty of metaphysics is it cuts through all that, and allows us a more realistic view of our reality. Of course there is an element of biase, because as the reader, we have our own biases and inclinations.

Reincarnation - University of Metaphysical Sciences

Think of it like being an art critic. Each expert is going give their own view and in many ways each would be valid for their own specific purpose. After 6 years of doing bazi (metaphysics), it’s high time I am offering it to the world and also sharing with my community the importance of such.

I think if COVID19 taught us anything was, we are vulnerable and we are more vulnerable than others if we never thought of the possibilities – either good or bad that could happen to it. It does not matter whether it was on an individual level, business or societal level, we all had our blind spots and COVID19 just made it so damn clear that there were gaping holes in our lives and/or plans.

Rather than condemning and feeling sorry for ourselves, on the contrary COVID19 is a blessing in disguise in many ways. For people to re-explore their values, their needs and meaning in life. Because life before COVID19 could not exist in the current client and so it was a real harsh facing of reality and moment of truth for many.

During COVID19 (still ongoing), I spoke of collective consciousness and moments of truth. It did not matter if you were rich or poor, young or old – it affected everyone.

How resilient we are as individuals depends on many things- some things within our control, somethings beyond our control.

Bazi (metaphysics) is a way of understanding to make better decisions in life, regardless of what happens.

It is not a bullet proof vest,

Neither will it ensure your guaranteed millions,

But it will make your life better if you try.

What Is Metaphysics? -

With two more months to go before 2021, I want to share with my Tribe and Community something that has helped me along the way in the last 6 years. I want to grow my community, help startups along the way and see individuals that I cross paths with grow and prosper into 2021.

If you thought 2020 was a terrible year, it did not have to be. There are certain things that we can do, minimal as it may be to make it better- and those are the small decisions that you take.

For a better 2021, I encourage you to join the journey or be it give metaphysics a try. Here is the link for the 2021 Joey Yap course.

It may be too soon to say, though I am looking forward to working with you in 2021.

Thank you.



Founder, Newspace2060


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