Space Forum 2020

Space Forum 2020 | Space Agenda, The space related events calendar!

Nothing was going to stop the show and certainly not Space Forum 2020. One of the main highlights in the Space entrepreneurship/investments calender Space Forum 2020 hit with a bang being creative and prepared, not least because of COVID19.

Whilst I was unable to attend in person, I spoke virtually and I have to congratulate the team for the immense dedication and spirit towards organising this now online conference and meeting in person. It does make me wonder if it was double the effort to get the show going.

For a start – on the virtual end, there was in essence a 24/7 opportunity to network should you so wish, as they had a speed like dating feature, allowing 5 mins rotation for each potential speaker. I tried it for 30 mins to 1 hour and it was superb. Cut to the chase, no messing about, it was pure business.

2019's Third Dtec Forum Powered By Entrepreneur Middle East To Look Into  Space Tech

I want to specifically thank Charlotte and her team for making it happen and I share here the wonderful summaries they have made:

– PR: 

– Videos:

– On UAE investments and space inspiration:

We look forward to Space Forum 2021

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