Day 5 of the 30 day challenge- making better decisions

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The alarm goes off at 5am, with 30 mins to prepare and then 30 mins to present, it feels like preparation for the upcoming race – it’s something I’ve signed up to to invest in my fellow entrepreneurs – the 30 day challenge to empower them to make better decisions.

I started 5 days ago, and being the 5th day I can see the change already. Starting first with context, then with encouraging an active start to the day, to then taking caution as to their priorities in life and now a reflective sharing of how I got started.

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An example of today’s post:

. Create distance, 2. Look outside into the unknown, 3. Organise your calender, 4. Find noble people and people that will help you, 5. Help others, 6. Get Inspiration.                        Want more ideas on how to make better decisions for 2021?            I appreciate it if you can like and share.  Have a great day!😊

As there are less than 2 months till the end of the year. I think we can also gather a sense of urgency to want to make 2021, a better one. If anything, my goal is to empower others to take a fresh view on how they can improve on 2020. For many it was tough and challenge and I don’t think anyone is untouched by COVID19, however there are some that have done better than others, perhaps less on external factors but rather their own internal world.

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My daily energy reading is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to focus on the best energies of the day, to make the most of their day. I share thoughtful, useful tips for people to consider and then ofcourse they choose whether to action on it.

So given that’s only the start of the journey, inviting you to join me on the 30 day challenge and see how it can change your day for the better:

Exactly how much 'nature time' do we need to boost well-being?


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