International Astronautical Congress – Coming to Dubai

The much awaited International Astronautical Congress comes to Dubai from 25 of October to 29 October at the World Trade Centre in good timing right after the week of Space week at the Expo2020.

There is much to be said about the anticipated wait from not just the usual space community, but since Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Besos’ flights’ , heads are turning and people are asking the age old question – ‘Why?’

The revolved question is less so much ‘Why’, but ‘When?’ and ‘How?’ I had personally had that expression of interest diverted when at a large scale presented, ready with a private astronaut to share with the potential of human space flight about a year ago, only to be turned down, and now to be presented with a renewed interest – which I can only be too thankful for.

source: IAC

Why thankful you may ask? Because it is about human process, innovation and pushing the edges of what we are familiar with. Marissa Peer speaks alot about making the unfamiliar familiar, and familiar unfamiliar.

Despite what people think, it is much more about the hype and more about the future. When Elon Musk of SpaceX talks about his reason for going to space and about the inferences on survival of humanity – it really is not for the faint hearted.

When you do a search, and I do encourage you to do your own research on ‘Why Elon Musk wants to go to Space’ you get 85 million results and not only that you get alot of reasons of how is getting there, which is a far cry from a few years ago, when there was much more criticism, cynical views of why.

I am thankful for the likes of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, because as someone inspired by the thought of space travel, space tourism and human progress it is a must and not a question mark.

When we think back to the earlier explorers like Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo, there is no doubt in their mind that they were on a mission. We saw them as explorers, navigators, pioneers in their own way.

The significance of the IAC is many fold. Since COVID19 we have had a rude awakening of how fragile we truly are. It does not matter if you are 9 or 90, if it hits you and you are unable to recover, that’s it. It’s game over. It does not matter that you were not ready, or you are not with your family, it is like pot luck, like a stroke of luck (in this case, bad luck) if you were not to recover.


People – entrepreneurs and individuals that I have had the good fortune of working with, have had to make either easy or mostly difficult decisions. Do they move, relocate, distant, shut their business, start a new one or what?

These crucial decisions impact the individual on every single level, even celular.

What do I mean by that? I mean over COVID19, they have either transformed their lives for the better or worst. Got a 6 pack or gained 15 kg. Formed a more resilient mind and healthy lifestyle, or really just turned the tide into depression and are just trying to survive. Thank fully I have been studying with Masters like Dato Joey Yap, Tony Robbins, Marisa Peer & Deepak Chopra and as a life long student, theory only helps us to a certain extent, it is when we put it into practice, then the magic happens.

This year, IAC is only available to those in person, when ideally in a digital market place it ought to be open to more, perhaps after IAC in Dubai we shall see whether next years’ organisers would be more conscious in allowing for a digital conference. Reason being is that authors were selected almost 2 years ago – delayed for 1 year plus because of COVID19. The concern for travel is only too painfully obvious. It may not just be because of the sake of oneself, but the sake of one’s family and those close to us, that we are not choosing to travel.

In any event, for those that are braving the sky, come hell or high water, they are coming to Dubai and it is likely to be an incredible experience. Having proactively participated last few years, whilst attendance may be less, it may also be an incredible experience only because people are craving for this kind of interaction.

With the backdrop of Expo2020, it is significant from the angle of being timed in an important stage of UAE’s history. As we all well may know, millions have been poured into making Expo2020 a success, and positioning UAE as a key global space player is going be every more important.


Tips for those attending the IAC in October:

  • Social distancing & face masks will be in place;
  • Enjoy the weather and social scene that Dubai has to offer;
  • Take the opportunity to explore the cultural sides of Dubai including the desert and souks;
  • Enjoy the local and Arabic food which you normally would go for;
  • Be culturally receptive, especially if you’re visiting Mosques or Hindu Temples;
  • Be open minded, flexible and you’ll have a trip of a life time.

Happy to hear more updates? Especially on how to make better decisions in life?

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