NewSpace2060 was formed with a view of empowering NewSpace startups and to help Founders make better decisions. Now the Mission has grown and the Vision is to positively Empower a billion individuals to make better decisions.

NewSpace2060 is about developing talent, enhance each individuals’ sense of consciousness and for people to find their true strength. In doing so, they can then better utilise their skills, talents and resources to positively impact themselves and those around them.

Through talks, workshops, podcasts, webinars, seminars and events, Helen engages entrepreneurs, business people, investors and likeminded individuals to grown and empower the NewSpace community.

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Helen Tung is Founder of NewSpace2060, with a mission of empowering individuals and organisations to make better decisions.

She is poet, lawyer, speaker and consultant and trains entrepreneurs, advises organisations and businesses and speaks widely on topics including authenticity, alignment and working with the laws of nature and the Universe to optimise one’s strength and decision-making power.

She is the G100 Space Technology Chair (Australia), Vice – Chair of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC) of the International Aeronautical Federation, Co-Chair of Space Law & Economics at the Transparent Organization for Aeronautics and Space Research (Tod’Aers) and former Co-Chair of the IAA Symposium on Visions and Strategies (IP sessions); Co-Chair of Space Debris & Space Operations at the IAF. 

Helen is a board member of Global Green aimed at raising awareness about climate change and sustainable strategies and is active founding member of the Global Green Journeys.

Helen is a member of the Dubai Courts of the Future Working Group; Associate Fellow of the Institute for Security and Development Policy; member of the International Institute of Space Law, European Centre for Space Law and Inter-Pacific Bar Association. 

Helen was formerly the Co-Chair of the Aviation and Aerospace Committee of the IPBA; International Committee of the Bar Council; Law and Policy Member of Space Generation Advisory Council; Visiting Fellow at City University, Hong Kong; UNIDROIT, Rome; VVIP, Malaysia; MINERVA fellow at the EU- Japan Centre, Tokyo and had secondments with top firms in Shanghai and Seoul.

Inviting you to engage in idea sharing, collaboration and partnerships.