The light at the end of the tunnel- start of a Hero’s Journey

It’s been about two weeks since the end of my MINERVA fellowship and the that time has given me time to reflect and also reconsider what ideas of collaboration, doing NewSpace means. For a start, going to UNOOSA/China Space Forum, gave me a new perspective on what a space player means in our modern world,… Continue reading The light at the end of the tunnel- start of a Hero’s Journey

Travelling with SpaceX

When Elon Musk unveiled the first tourist for SpaceX, the world stopped to listen. Online fashion tycoon, CEO of Zozotown, Yusaku Maezawa, announced, “I choose to go to the Moon” and this mission planned for 2023 is going to hail the first of many firsts.   source:   Regardless of what people think, there is… Continue reading Travelling with SpaceX

Space Mapping and cartography

source:   A map is a symbolised representation of geographical reality, representing selected features or characteristics, resulting from the creative effort of its author’s execution of choices, and is designed for use when spatial relationships are of primary relevance. Cartography is the discipline dealing with the art, science and technology of making and using… Continue reading Space Mapping and cartography

Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community

Catching the shinkansen in the afternoon from Tokyo to Kyoto, I was heading to the Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community meetup held at The World Lounge Co & Co Kyoto. source: The World Lounge Co & Co Kyoto Founded by Runan Wang and Hila Yamada, the idea of Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community is to get the… Continue reading Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community