Visiting X-Nihonbashi

source:   It was around 3pm, strolling along the streets of Nihonbashi, one could sense history in the air.  Nihonbashi first emerged in the 17th century from the residential and commercial areas called ‘chonin-chi’ that gathered around Edo castle. The Nihonbashi Bridge is an iconic symbol of the region.  It was first built in 1603, the same year that the Edo Period shogunate was established and the Bridge acted as the terminal point for Japan’s five Gokaido roads, enabling crossroads, following of goods and services in and out of the city that would serve to become the Tokyo we … Continue reading Visiting X-Nihonbashi


source:   Presence – a state of being or existence.  Existing, or is present in a place but is not seen. Presence – is something I have thought much about when it comes to us as individuals, as human beings and even as souls. Presence – is about being in the present moment, paying attention to those that are speaking to us. Presence – is when someone walks into the room, and they glow and command the audience’s attention naturally, with ease and delight. Why is presence important? Have you ever noticed that people with presence work with ease? … Continue reading Presence

Motivation in NewSpace

When I searched for motivation in NewSpace in Google I came up with sights linked to physical space and also property.  Pinterest images came up with study spaces, organisational spaces and there certainly were more technical concepts of New Space.  I then came upon an interesting article on NASA’s views of “New Space”. In the article, ‘NASA views “new space” with hope, support — and wariness’ written by Eric Berger in Houston Chronicle, his article conjures up imagery of old rockets versus a brave new world of new tech and path to space. For many of the NewSpace entrepreneurs and … Continue reading Motivation in NewSpace

Searching for the NewSpace hub

  The Iwakura Mission was held between 1871 to 1873 and the purpose during the Meiji Era was to travel across the US and a number of European countries including Britain, France and also Russia to learn and better understand the different cultural and institutional differences.  I remember studying this in Hong Kong and in many ways on a search for the best system in the world. source: Fine Art America   The Iwakura Mission was led by Iwakura Tomomi who served as ambassador plenipotentiary and included Kido Takayoshi, Okubo Toshimichi, Ito Hirobumi whom were deputy ambassadors (fukushi) amongst others. … Continue reading Searching for the NewSpace hub