What makes GITAI successful?

  source: GITAI   GITAI, founded by CEO, Sho Nakanose is about developments of Avatar Robots for space developments.   GITAI provides a humanoid telepresence robot-like “Avatar” for science experiments in space stations. Having met CEO Nakanose at Singularity University before Japan, I knew first hand there was a strength of determination and focus that I had known before.  I knew from gut instinct that this is going to be a successful startup from sheer determination. During the Global Solutions Program when one could say we were put through an intensive program of Singularity and learning all the emergent technologies, CEO … Continue reading What makes GITAI successful?

Japan’s NewSpace Research Centre

Have you ever thought we could bring space to earth? What if you could work in a space ship? Better yet, design it?  Be part of it? In an article Marvel at The Plans for Japan’s Futuristic New Research Centre by Evan Gough of Universe Today it seems to contain all of the above. The building will be part of the Avatar xspace research campus in Kyushu and is designed by Clouds Architecture Office, a New Year form whom also developed NASA’s Mars Ice House.   source: AvatarX   Design in the shape of a crater, and elevated by steel … Continue reading Japan’s NewSpace Research Centre

EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019

NEWS: VOTE NOW for EU – Japan NewSpace2060 Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019 for Space Frontier BOLD Awards VOTE NOW Facebook: @BOLDAwardsGlobal Twitter: @Bold_Awards Instagram: @boldawards #BOLDAwards #BOLDAwardsGlobal #beBOLD #ImBOLD   The EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition aims to reveal and promote artists, amateur or professional to explore the space theme of “Improving life on earth as in space in line with EU- Japan NewSpace collaboration”.  Call for entries, articles and photos for the EU- Japan NewSpace blog is also welcome! 日欧NewSpace2060国際イラストレーション俳句大会は日本と欧州連合のNewSpace協力に基づいてアマチュアとプロフェショナルの作家を促進する大会です。 The theme for this competition is on: `Improving life on earth as in space` with entries being judged on: 1. Creativity 2. Quality … Continue reading EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition 2019