What makes Real Tech Fund successful

Source: Real Tech Fund   ‘The Power of Technology, to the Force of the Future‘ very much encapsulates what Real Tech Fund aspires to achieve and believes in.  What makes Real Tech Fund successful?  Here’s my take: 1. Beautiful Vision ‘I want to change the world.  I want to change the future. Everyone who gets in technology is swearing in mind, so willing trying while sleeping. However, most of it disappears in the midst of dreams. Technology has unlimited possibilities.  However, the world does not move by itself.   Without funds and wisdom, experience, understanding of the world, No matter how … Continue reading What makes Real Tech Fund successful

Security Tokens O and blockchain

source: medium On the panel about securities and blockchain at Japan Blockchain 2019, speakers included: J Todd Morley Y2X Dave Shuler Y2X Fujiyo Ishiguro CEO Manmeet Singh EMURGO/CIO Source: youtube   CEO Ishiguro is an advisor of Governments in Blockchain and her greatest concern is funds.  Her view is that blockchain will change the world and so policy makers ought to pay greater attention to what is developing.  CEO Ishiguro speaks of how digitalisation would impact whole industries including the banking sector which is not performing so well. source: MOAF   Shuler talks about the market and how the housing … Continue reading Security Tokens O and blockchain

Education and Blockchain

source: cbninsights   This is an interesting panel of speakers on education and blockchain and they include: Aaron McDonald, Centrality Dan Khomenko Heslin Kim Andrew Romans 7BC.VC Jared Polites, Patron Takeshi Ito Some speakers talked about education, outreach and about users and what it really means for them beyond the hype.  One of the greatest challenge being described is apathy and how consumers do not understand and how it improves their life and the future. source: g2crowd.com   Heslim talked about security tokens and how it could easily be a paradigm shift and how he talks about companies that enter … Continue reading Education and Blockchain

Roger Ver, CEO bitcoin.com speaks at Japan Blockchain 2019

source: Roger Ver   Roger Ver, called in.  It did not diminish his message or presence.  He spoke with intensity, and started talking about how he get into blockchain.  But more important he talked about societal issues.  He spoke about Bitcoin Cash’s impact on economic freedom.  There are a number of points he makes clearly: it makes it easier to start a business it enforces property rights it promotes free trade it enables freedom of contract it enables people to opt out of systems When one hears Ver speak, he sounds more like a visionary seeing how a mode of … Continue reading Roger Ver, CEO bitcoin.com speaks at Japan Blockchain 2019

Naojiro Hisada, Executive Director speaks about Rakuten at Japan Block Chain 2019

  What is Rakuten about?  What is their strategy? According to Executive Director Naojiro Hisada, Rakuten, they are all about the customers and their reach is extremely wide.  Many people use VIBER as an app, but few people know it’s linked to Rakuten. Rakuten is developing a cross-usage program to simulate usage via points.  They want to grow and they want to expand and they have lots of ideas about it. R Point is Japan’s Number One Reward program and is rolled out and available at 700k stores.  1 trillion + points issued from 2002.  When Bitcoin was developed, through … Continue reading Naojiro Hisada, Executive Director speaks about Rakuten at Japan Block Chain 2019

Real World Uses of Blockchain Technology

IBM Japan/ Business Unit Executive, Blockchain Solutions Michiyasu Takada talks of real world uses of Blockchain technology. Takada starts with the supermarket and how we can use Blockchain to monitor the freshness of beef, to monitoring costs, using smart contracts thereby benefiting consumers and suppliers. He emphasises automated contracts and speaks of small to mid-size businesses, trading, financial markets and solo usage of Blockchain is limited; however if it used on scale there is greater potential. In the logistic world, he uses examples of how it can be applied. He talks of smart phone usage and speaks of fabrication factories … Continue reading Real World Uses of Blockchain Technology

Japan Block chain Conference 2019 Yokohama

Little did I know that coming to this event the queue would have started way before starting time at 9am. Thankfully it was a short wait and I was in. Brock Pierce speaks of Conscious Capitalism and talks of refining success in the digital age. I was in for an interesting session and it starts with the law. As a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, Matthew Rogers spoke passionately about how so many blockchain startups and exchanges fail. How coins get lost and then litigation cases start. He spoke of his own experiences in the American legal system, bankruptcy and what … Continue reading Japan Block chain Conference 2019 Yokohama