Travelling with SpaceX

When Elon Musk unveiled the first tourist for SpaceX, the world stopped to listen. Online fashion tycoon, CEO of Zozotown, Yusaku Maezawa, announced, “I choose to go to the Moon” and this mission planned for 2023 is going to hail the first of many firsts.   source:   Regardless of what people think, there is… Continue reading Travelling with SpaceX

Keio University Space Law Symposium I – Space Traffic Management

source: Keio University   The Keio University Space Law Symposium jointly organised with JAXA was held at Keio University on 25 February 2019.  There was a breadth of topics and speakers as follows: モデレータ:小塚 荘一郎(学習院大学法学部教授) 登壇者(アルファベット・50音順) Dr. Alexander Soucek(欧州宇宙機関 法務官、欧州宇宙法研究センター 研究員) Mr. Niklas Hedman(国連宇宙部 政策・法務・委員会課長) Professor Saadia Pekkanen(米国ワシントン大学教授) 佐藤 雅彦(JAXA 評価・監査部長) 新谷 美保子(TMI 法律事務所 弁護士)… Continue reading Keio University Space Law Symposium I – Space Traffic Management

NewSpace events in 2019

source: The first few months of 2019 has just gone by at a speed of light.  Those involved in NewSpace would be aware that it is a busy year and that there are many events, so many that it is impossible to go to them all.  If you are a NewSpace entrepreneur which ones… Continue reading NewSpace events in 2019