International Aeronautical Federation Spring Meeting

Landing in Paris, I was surprised to see cherry blossoms lining along the streets. Charles de Gaulle was busy as usual, if not even busier. It started off with parallel meetings at the International Academy of Astronautics catching up on meetings and the latest developments over the year. Running parallel across the river was the… Continue reading International Aeronautical Federation Spring Meeting

Exploring space with Blue Origin

source:   As of end of January 2019, Blue Origin has successfully launched its New Shepard rocket for a tenth time, and with each step, we get closer and closer to sending humans to space. How will humans explore space?  The rocket takes the capture up to space and inside, there are 6 large… Continue reading Exploring space with Blue Origin

Space Mapping and cartography

source:   A map is a symbolised representation of geographical reality, representing selected features or characteristics, resulting from the creative effort of its author’s execution of choices, and is designed for use when spatial relationships are of primary relevance. Cartography is the discipline dealing with the art, science and technology of making and using… Continue reading Space Mapping and cartography

Space for Innovation in Rail

source: Just when you thought Galaxy Express 999 was just in animation.  The ‘Space for Innovation Rail’ forum to be held in Vienna, Austria over 18-19 March 2019 is an opportunity to discuss innovation and digitalisation in the rail sector with specific focus on GNSS applications for rail. The event is jointly organised by… Continue reading Space for Innovation in Rail

Autonomous Ships

source:   Autonomous Ships, unmanned vessels, there are so many ways to discuss autonomous shipping that we almost have to remind ourselves the discussion over definitions is not quite yet over. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the UN agency in charge of providing a global forum on discussion of rules is undertaking a ‘scoping… Continue reading Autonomous Ships