Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community

Catching the shinkansen in the afternoon from Tokyo to Kyoto, I was heading to the Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community meetup held at The World Lounge Co & Co Kyoto. source: The World Lounge Co & Co Kyoto Founded by Runan Wang and Hila Yamada, the idea of Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community is to get the… Continue reading Kyoto International Entrepreneur Community

Innovation and entrepreneurship in Kyoto

source: One of them enjoyable visits to Kyoto was visiting TMSUK Co, Ltd.   President and CEO Yoichi Takamoto previously spoke at JETRO’s Kyoto event at Happo-en, Tokyo.  Visiting his office was a visit to a discrete museum/art gallery/work shop.  I really was impressed by the paintings from the owner of the building, and the… Continue reading Innovation and entrepreneurship in Kyoto

Entrepreneurship – Kyoto style I

source: Philipino Japanese Journal   Entering into the station at Kyoto is like future – meets past, a double helix of contrasts and contradictions, yet coupled and balanced with beauty, a marriage of peace of yin and yang.  Somehow it works, somehow the secret recipe of history and craftsman ship, whipped with innovative ideas, co-working… Continue reading Entrepreneurship – Kyoto style I

Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar in Tokyo

source: Inside Kyoto   This is the 6th Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar organised by JETRO in Tokyo for the year.  The Mayor of Kyoto Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, amongst many speakers came to promote Kyoto.  They started with mr. Kadokawa and he started with the history, Gion, discussion on natural disaster and SDGs.  More specifically they… Continue reading Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar in Tokyo