What makes Spacetide Successful?

source: spacetide Spacetide is an industry-wide platform for accelerating NewSpace.  Here Spacetide refers specifically to the space industry and sectors including small satellites, data, satellite internet systems, space travel, space mining and their vision is to harmonise technologies and business models. Led by a team including: President & CEO Mayasasu Ishida Director, Hidetaka Aoki Director & COO, Masashi Sato Director, Atsushi Mizushima and a team of probono members. What makes Spacetide successful?  Here’s a few points: 1.  Engagement As one of the few, if not first platforms where people in Japan can actively engage in NewSpace discussions.  Their format includes: … Continue reading What makes Spacetide Successful?


NewSpace2060 is about dreaming, talking and developing the NewSpace economy in 2060. The vision of NewSpace2060 is to empower NewSpace entrepreneurs and startups with a view of returning to the Moon and having a fully functional interplanetary species by 2060. After launching the NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch competition in collaboration with the Moon Village Association at UNISPACE50+ in May 2018 and announcing the cohort of winners at the National Space Society in November 2018, it has become clear that there is an interest and desire to explore space- be it scientists, researchers, investors, explorers. My vision is to work with … Continue reading NewSpace

Understanding NewSpace

source: SpaceNews   Exploring NewSpace in Japan is like trying to define a horse as Socrates did attempt to do so thousands of years ago. Unable to see, if one touches the tail, they may describe it as soft and long, if they touch the ears, they may say it is circular with a tip, if one touches the body, then they may describe the width and warmth. Over the last few weeks, I had the chance to speak to a number of stakeholders in NewSpace from the startups themselves, to key policymakers, law professors, academics and common to research, … Continue reading Understanding NewSpace

The logic of combining art and space

source: UCR ARTSblocksite network   Art – has a way to inspire us to think, doing and creating things beyond our own imagination.  I started doing art as a child, probably like most people without thinking much of how it would be relevant or could be applied in my adult life. For those that have the courage, vision, and discipline they take art as seriously as they do business, sport or any other venture.  Today, I met a friend and we talked about what it takes or motivates one to live and work as an artist – and I guess … Continue reading The logic of combining art and space

NewSpace in Japan

  source: japantimes.jp   2018 has seen a year of great ambition and activity in the NewSpace sector in Japan. Starting with Prime Minister Abe`s launch of a new fund of 100 billion yen ($940 million) of venture capital contributed by the Development Bank of Japan, Industrial Innovation Organisations and many other stakeholders to make space happen in Japan. Concurrently, the Government initiated S-Matching program led by members of about 46 members and investors teamed up to match-make the perfect startup- investor relationship.  According to some, the success of such a program is too soon to tell, though my initial … Continue reading NewSpace in Japan