What makes SpaceBD successful?

source: space-bd.com   CEO and Co-Founder, Masatoshi Nagasaki leads SpaceBD and his team and they aim to accelerate the industrialisation of space through three offerings: One stop satellite launch service Import/Export of space hardware and components and ISS Internal/External Experimental platform service and here’s why SpaceBD is successful source: space-bd.com   1. Umbrella approach SpaceBD runs a ‘Space for Space’ as a one-stop portal site that provides solutions and information on space projects including satellite launch and space utilisation.  These include: Total Solutions for Satellite Development Hardware and Component Enviromental Testing Launch Services Space Applications Other services source: space-bd.com 2. … Continue reading What makes SpaceBD successful?

What makes Spacetide Successful?

source: spacetide Spacetide is an industry-wide platform for accelerating NewSpace.  Here Spacetide refers specifically to the space industry and sectors including small satellites, data, satellite internet systems, space travel, space mining and their vision is to harmonise technologies and business models. Led by a team including: President & CEO Mayasasu Ishida Director, Hidetaka Aoki Director & COO, Masashi Sato Director, Atsushi Mizushima and a team of probono members. What makes Spacetide successful?  Here’s a few points: 1.  Engagement As one of the few, if not first platforms where people in Japan can actively engage in NewSpace discussions.  Their format includes: … Continue reading What makes Spacetide Successful?

What makes Infostellar successful?

source: Infostellar.net Infostellar, founded by Naomi Kurahara is one of those NewSpace startups that I truly respect.  Infostellar is very much values-based and about its people.  Their focus is very much on the talents of their people and also utilising their talents to tackle complex problems.  Everyone is an active player in the team.  Their focus is on team integrity and in working together to tackle the challenges they are facing.  According to Forbes, Infostellar wants to build a worldwide ground station network with the aim of sharing antennas on a global platform.  With more and more satellite launches, CEO … Continue reading What makes Infostellar successful?

What makes GITAI successful?

  source: GITAI   GITAI, founded by CEO, Sho Nakanose is about developments of Avatar Robots for space developments.   GITAI provides a humanoid telepresence robot-like “Avatar” for science experiments in space stations. Having met CEO Nakanose at Singularity University before Japan, I knew first hand there was a strength of determination and focus that I had known before.  I knew from gut instinct that this is going to be a successful startup from sheer determination. During the Global Solutions Program when one could say we were put through an intensive program of Singularity and learning all the emergent technologies, CEO … Continue reading What makes GITAI successful?

What makes Astroscale successful?

source: Astroscale.com Founder and CEO, Nobu Okada of Astroscale is doing something that many States would rather not.  And he’s ahead of the game, thinking of the future and addressing one of the most pressing needs of the future, tackling Space Debris.  Yes, Space Debris. Calling themselves #Space Sweepers and here you may envisage the lack of glamour and burdensome role of cleaning up space – wrong.  On the contrary, Astroscale has touched the hearts and minds of all environmentalists, all Millenials and most likely old Space actors, who are all too clearly aware of the problem of space debris … Continue reading What makes Astroscale successful?

What makes iSpace successful?

source: ispace-inc.com ispace was founded in September 2010 by Takeshi Hakamada and has grown to over 85 staff from 13 countries.   I knew of ispace a few years back primarily in my visits to Luxembourg and at the time when they had also set up an office in Luxembourg.  It is well known that ispace raised nearly $100 million USD in its Series A funding and hit the head lines as being able to raise more than any other NewSpace company in history. source: japantimes.co.jp   ispace in my view is one of the most successful NewSpace startups and here … Continue reading What makes iSpace successful?

What is NewSpace?

source: newspaceage.org   According to Space Frontier, the definition of NewSpace is: `People, businesses and organizations working to open the space frontier to human settlement through economic development.` source: amphinicy   According to SpaceTech Partners, NewSpace is: `.. the emergence of the private spaceflight industry. New space ventures are increasingly created, such as private launch companies, small satellite constellations, or sub-orbital tourism, as well as more specific efforts to reinvent the traditional space industry supply chain.`   For the purposes of simplifying and not complicating the definition, I would say : NewSpace is non-traditional space players making and/or engaging in … Continue reading What is NewSpace?