What makes Astrex successful?

source: SpaceBD   Founder and CEO Ryota Hirai of Astrex aims to power NewSpace through their nano satellite electric power systems.   Think of batteries that charge nano-sats then think of Astrex.  Located in MOBIO, a support base for SME startups in Osaka, they have a serious, yet inviting approach when speaking of their company. What makes Astrex successful? 1. Strong technical basis CEO Hirai himself is originally from Tokyo though moved to Osaka for University and stayed on to work on Astrex.  From the samples he showed me, one could sense that they are at an R&D stage and at … Continue reading What makes Astrex successful?

Searching for the NewSpace hub

  The Iwakura Mission was held between 1871 to 1873 and the purpose during the Meiji Era was to travel across the US and a number of European countries including Britain, France and also Russia to learn and better understand the different cultural and institutional differences.  I remember studying this in Hong Kong and in many ways on a search for the best system in the world. source: Fine Art America   The Iwakura Mission was led by Iwakura Tomomi who served as ambassador plenipotentiary and included Kido Takayoshi, Okubo Toshimichi, Ito Hirobumi whom were deputy ambassadors (fukushi) amongst others. … Continue reading Searching for the NewSpace hub