NewSpace Entertainment – Arts and Drama

In trying to think outside of the box with NewSpace, I googled `Newspace, theatre and film` and to my amusement, I found the following: NewSpace Theatre of Nations source: New Space Theatre of Nations   `New Space Moscow is an interdisciplinary project run by the Theatre of Nations, which is aimed at uniting contemporary artists… Continue reading NewSpace Entertainment – Arts and Drama

What makes Spacetide Successful?

source: spacetide Spacetide is an industry-wide platform for accelerating NewSpace.  Here Spacetide refers specifically to the space industry and sectors including small satellites, data, satellite internet systems, space travel, space mining and their vision is to harmonise technologies and business models. Led by a team including: President & CEO Mayasasu Ishida Director, Hidetaka Aoki Director… Continue reading What makes Spacetide Successful?

Why NewSpace2060?

Source: Air & Space Magazine   You might be thinking why NewSpace2060? After attending a few NewSpace events and conferences and engaging with new and seasoned SpaceEntrepreneurs and space stakeholders I realised that to make NewSpace happen it is more than just working with what we have. As NewSpace startups embark on their journeys of… Continue reading Why NewSpace2060?