Kyoto Research Park

Kyoto Research Park (KRP) has about 17 buildings and is a hub for research and education. Proud of 38 Universities and the representative of the KRP talks of the benefits of the centre. Currently, there are over 500 companies and diversity of industries. Examples include: WHILL Mitsyfuji Corporation Megakaryon Corporation GlyTech, Inc. ARKEMA. K.K Nabtesco Corporation Kodenshi Corporation Earthside Co. Ltd The representative of KRP speaks of how many of these startups and businesses will bring great talents because of the number of Universities in Kyoto and also because of the desire of people wishing to come to work in … Continue reading Kyoto Research Park

X-Roid Futures

Imagine robots as patients, machines that take care of your daily activities? Cleaning the floor, carpet, moving items for you and helping you out? Well, TMSUK seems to be up to doing that. The Founder moved from Kyushu to Kyoto and found Kyoto very accepting. He speaks of their Kyoto Robot lab and speaks of not changing anything to the beautiful Kyoto buildings or furniture. Interestingly, due to their active robots outside the office, many tourists come in to take photos. Some of their patient robots are used for dentistry training. He starts, one customer came to ask for a … Continue reading X-Roid Futures

Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar in Tokyo

source: Inside Kyoto   This is the 6th Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar organised by JETRO in Tokyo for the year.  The Mayor of Kyoto Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, amongst many speakers came to promote Kyoto.  They started with mr. Kadokawa and he started with the history, Gion, discussion on natural disaster and SDGs.  More specifically they spoke of the Gion Festival. source:   Kyoto prides itself as ranking number one as the most attractive city in Japan, according to the Institute of Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation.  This survey which considered 72 cities in japan on ‘Urban Attractiveness in … Continue reading Kyoto Investment Promotion seminar in Tokyo

Asia, Delta Zero Association and Space parallel

Formed by MIEX and others the Delta Zero Association aims to provide a platform for standards and entering the token framework. The idea is to ensure quality and also consistency. Currently, MIEX has core partners like ANXONE, Forbes Cryptomeria and EXR. Founded and located in Hong Kong with a group of young, enthusiastic technologists, financial experts they believe in the future of digital assets. They talk about crossing the chasm, how early adopters learnt about bitcoin and now how we need more than 16% penetration to ensure the swing falls with the majority thereby opening the door for others to … Continue reading Asia, Delta Zero Association and Space parallel

Advice from Tim Draper

Founder of DFJ Venture Capital, Tim Draper starts by talking about his family history. He talks about his family contributing to the Marshall plan, he talks about changes in Silicon Valley and most importantly talking about observing the changes. He speaks of the immense change that Bitcoin is going to have. He talks of the changes and impact how Bitcoin combined with current changes that are going to have giant leaps. Such a transformation includes: Banking, commerce, events like Tokyo Olympics, all and anything associated with money like insurance and real estates. In terms of major transformations he speaks of … Continue reading Advice from Tim Draper

Security Tokens O and blockchain

source: medium On the panel about securities and blockchain at Japan Blockchain 2019, speakers included: J Todd Morley Y2X Dave Shuler Y2X Fujiyo Ishiguro CEO Manmeet Singh EMURGO/CIO Source: youtube   CEO Ishiguro is an advisor of Governments in Blockchain and her greatest concern is funds.  Her view is that blockchain will change the world and so policy makers ought to pay greater attention to what is developing.  CEO Ishiguro speaks of how digitalisation would impact whole industries including the banking sector which is not performing so well. source: MOAF   Shuler talks about the market and how the housing … Continue reading Security Tokens O and blockchain